Latest Fishing Reports - 17/05/24

The latest fishing reports from around New Zealand - brought to you by Mercury Marine.

Inner Hauraki Gulf - Bruce Duncan

"It’s not often I use a keeper hook but with the bite the way it was, I gave it a go on a floater..." >>> Read More

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Northland - Jordan Hensen

"This is the time of the year to target those trophy fish, as you will typically find the fish are fatter and in better condition..." >>> Read More

Tauranga - Russ Hawkins

"The shallow areas, even with softbaits, have fished well, with some great-sized snapper chasing softbaits to the surface..." >>> Read More

Hauraki Gulf - George Bourke

"Snapper have been chewing hard for those fishing the ‘middle’ areas of the Gulf – the fish are putting on condition..."  >>> Read More

Bay of Islands - Garry Townley

"Photos of huge crayfish, kingfish and snapper have been an almost daily arrival in my inbox..." >>> Read More

Canterbury - Simon McMillan

"I mentioned the canals previously but concentrated on the trout. Now we're hearing great stories of the salmon...>>> Read More

Raglan - Murray Monds

"The run of good autumn fishing continues, with a lot of snapper and bycatch species in the 20-30m depths...>>> Read More

Top of the South - Dan Govier

"The fish moving deeper is not a bad thing, as this time of the year the fishing at the top of D’Urville is amazing..." >>> Read More

Bream Bay - Grant Dixon

"Harder fishing and smaller fish heralding the change of season has been reported by many Bream Bay/Whangarei Harbour anglers..." >>> Read More


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