Getting Kids Hooked on Fishing

Getting Kids Hooked on Fishing

The Kiwi summer can be a whole lot of things, but sadly for many kids it doesn’t mean fishing.

These aren’t kids who’d rather be indoors. These are kids who love nature, the ocean, the rivers and chucking a line in to see what happens. But a lot of these children don’t get the opportunity to get out and fish as much as they’d want.

However, Hirepool had other ideas: to get kids hooked on fishing. No expense was spared to give some lucky tiddlers the fishing experience of a lifetime even if it meant flying them in from around the country.

Giving kids a top notch fishing adventure can require a lot of gear. Charter boats, proper equipment and the smarts to use it were all sourced by the folks at Hirepool and Scott and Mig from Fishing and Adventure were recruited to lead the day.

Tane was one keen junior angler who got to experience the big day out. When asked if he enjoyed the day he summed up what everyone was thinking. “I want to go with Fishing Adventures all the time!”, he exclaimed in a barely concealed fit of excitement.

His Dad, Adam, went on the trip and was equally impressed. He added: “The skipper was amazing and Scott and Mig blew me away with how he interacted with the kids. All of them just really enjoyed their time there and it was more than what I expected.”

Over the course of the day, they fished for snapper, trevally and more, while the boat was treated to a visit by a school of dolphins. Scott was stoked to help teach the kids some new skills: 
“We were fishing for snapper with traditional methods which was a nice way for everyone to fish all at once,” he says. 

“It was great to give back to the kids and good to have a positive impact on the young ones.”

At the end of their adventure, all the families were able to take home their catch, which was freshly filleted when the boat got back to dock. 

Hooked on fishing? Tane’s reaction says it all, nice one Hirepool! 

08 April 2021

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