Freshwater fishing a great option under level three regulation

Freshwater fishing a great option under level three regulation

Photo: There is some quality fish to be had in the likes of the Hawkes Bay’s Ngaruroro River that requires minimal travel for local anglers.

‘Fish your feet first’ is the message Hawkes Bay Fish and Game are sharing under COVID – 19 Level – 3 regulations.

With the country stepping out of Alert Level 3 on Tuesday, freshwater fishing is now a great option for recreation and to provide for the table.

"Being able to break the cabin fever and go to your local river fishing is fantastic safe family fun," says Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game’s Nick Page.

He says a quick check of the regulations book will let anglers know where they can go locally for a fish.

Nick says many anglers travel some distance to fish, and they may have overlooked some options closer to home. He makes the following suggestions…

1. The Ngaruroro River from Carrick Road

2. The Tukituki River from Tennant Road

3. The Tutaekuri River from Dartmoor Road

4. The Tukituki River accessed from the Waimarama Road Bridge

5. The Tukituki River accessed via Walker Road

All adult anglers need to do to break the monotony of the recent lockdown is to grab their licence (remember a kids licence under 12 is free), dust off their fishing gear and get back out on some water close to home.

The benefits of being in the outdoors are well documented and family fishing will give everyone a break from the screens and devices we’ve been glued to for the last five weeks.

“If you haven’t got a fishing licence, we have a discounted winter fishing licence available for anglers which you can purchase online at and if you’ve misplaced our regulation book you can find that here

"Looking forward, the reduction to Alert Level 2 in a couple of weeks will open further opportunities for anglers and their families that have been cooped up at home. And don’t forget those fish won’t have seen an angler in five weeks so there will be some good fishing!

The situation as outlined above applies to freshwater anglers throughout the country where they are encouraged to get back out on the water, but to do so while minimising their contact with people outside of their bubbles and limiting travel to their immediate home waterways.


Life under level 3

1. Stay home. If you are not at work, school, getting some recreation or getting essentials then you must be at home, the same as at Alert Level 4.

2. Stay regional. fish local and the closer to home the better. Activities must be safe - keep two metres away from anybody not in your bubble. Make minimal trips.

3. Keep your bubble as small as possible. If you need to, you can expand your bubble a small amount to bring in close family, isolated people or caregivers (not fishing buddies yet).

4. If you are sick, stay at home and quickly seek advice from your GP or Healthline about getting a test.


Level 3 freshwater fishing

1. You can fish locally, not at your favourite spot, but at you closest spot while observing the above restrictions.

2. All fishing must be land based. Current restrictions from the Government mean you cannot fish from a boat.

3. Fish and Game’s  understanding of Alert level 3 restrictions is that you can fish all legal methods from the shore of a local lake or at a local river.

4. All Fish & Game fishing regulations on open waters, bag limits etc. remain unaltered and will be enforced.

29 April 2020

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