Follow the Build - Honda Powers the Prize!

It goes without saying your boat isn’t going anywhere without an engine.

The good news is that engine technology has progressed markedly since the days of engine reliability being a lottery. It wasn’t that long ago when no sensible captain would put to sea without an auxiliary and a set of oars!

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Modern outboards are extremely reliable and none more so than Honda. Honda are in a league of their own with a 7 -year warranty for domestic use and that’s testament to the company’s confidence in the quality of their product.

We’ve had first-hand experience with Honda engines on NZ Fishing News project boats and can testify to their reliability and performance. When it came to selecting the engine for our 545 Extreme Centre Console prize boat, powering it with a Honda engine was an easy decision.

The BF 90 is an economical, reliable engine and powers the 545 perfectly.  Notably too, it has the highest alternator output in its class for powering electronics and other accessories.

Marine environments are particularly harsh and there’s quite a bit to ensuring Honda engines look great year after year. Honda’s patented paint process is a four-layered application that protects the engine from the elements – especially if you’re boating in salt water. The casing is anodised, epoxy primed then a topcoat applied before a final clear resin topcoat to finish for the best possible protection from those nasty UV rays.

There’s lots of clever stuff going on underneath that engine cowling too thanks to Honda’s engineers.

They’ve developed things like BLAST TM which is essentially technology that tweaks the ignition timing to improve torque and hole-shot performance during key stages of acceleration. What that means is you’re up on the plane faster and overall running is economical – an important consideration with fuel costs raging at the pumps currently!

Honda’s three-way cooling system is another great feature which is actually three separate cooling systems designed to keep the cylinder head cooler for  long-term durability.

Overall the Honda engines deliver and the lucky angler that wins this boat is going to be absolutely delighted with their new Extreme 545 Centre Console and it’s reliable, economical 90hp Honda Engine.

Be in to WIN!

To be in to win this amazing prize here’s all you need to do:

  1. Catch one of the eligible species, place it on an approved measure (check out the range of approved measures in the rules) and take a photo.
  2. Take your fish home to share with friends or family or release it – it’s your choice, do what’s best at the time.
Engine Care and Maintenance Tips
  1. Ensure your engine is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications and schedule. Neglecting servicing will likely void your warranty.
  2. Flush your engine after use and check the water pump has good water-flow if you’re using flushing muffs.
  3. With fuel, fresh is best. 91 Octane breaks down in a matter of months so regular use is best with fresh fuel.
  4. Take the cowling off from time to time and check for any leaks or hoses/fuel lines that might be worn or perished.
  5. Check all clips and clamps for signs of wear.
  6. Check your prop for any nicks or damage to ensure optimum performance
  7. Make sure your batteries are in good condition and are well charged.

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