Export NZ Fishing Competition 2020-21 season finished!

Export NZ Fishing Competition 2020-21 season finished!

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The 2020-21 Export NZ Fishing Comp Season has come to an end as of May 31. The comp has seen a highlight reel of catches this season, many that would’ve been responsible for some tall fishing tales among mates nationwide!

If you’ve stayed up to date with the comp, you’ll know that anglers have been seriously busy this season. How busy you ask? There are seven catches from last season that have qualified for top 3 rankings in the Hall of Fame (the comp’s all-time leaderboard) for their respective species category. The anglers responsible are Aaron Bennett, David Monagan, Kevin Kemp, Ryan Phillips, Nigel O’Leary, Lennon Mok and John Wyeth.

We’re looking to deliver anglers with an enhanced prize experience this season, where seasonally relevant set ups from Shimano are served up to qualifying anglers. Expect to see completely new prizes, and maybe even a new species addition! You’ll have to check Export NZ Fishing Competition’s Facebook page and website fishingcomp.co.nz for updates on these prizes, as we’ll announce the upcoming prize seven days before the applicable month - so stay tuned.

As always, registration and entry is FREE with $20,000+ prize up for grabs - no strings attached!

Tag ya mates in this post if you can see their name. Good luck out there!

Winning entries by category:

Snapper - Ash Dann 90cm

Kahawai - David Monagan 65cm

Kingfish - Aaron Bennett 146.5cm

Trevally - Bryce Helms 72cm

Gurnard - Kevin Kemp 55.5cm

Tarakihi - Scott Marriot 55.5cm

John Dory - Ryan Phillips 60cm

Blue Moki - Lennon Mok 81.5cm

Trout - Todd Hemmingway 91cm

CRC Champion Angler - Jesse Crasborn 282cm (Combined snapper, kingfish & kahawai)

07 June 2021

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