Exalto's clever New Rain Sensors

Exalto’s clever new rain sensors ensure clear windscreens and better visibility in all conditions. Instantly responding to moisture on the screen, whether from rain or spray, the sensors instantly activate the wiper (or wipers), automatically adjusting?the frequency and speed depending on the amount of water present.

Developed in conjunction with Exalto’s popular CT3N wiper control, the rain sensors have been designed specifically for marine windscreens with their multiple layers of glass and coatings. They will effectively operate on glass thicknesses up to 25mm.

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Owners with multiple wipers can choose to install dedicated sensors for each one or simply use a single sensor to operate them all. The new Exalto rain sensors are also compatible with the company’s other smart innovations, including their single-button wiper feature, window heaters and blowers.

New rescueME PLB3 a real safety game-changer

Able to send its distress message both globally (via satellite) and locally (through AIS) Ocean Signal’s new rescueME PLB3 personal locator beacon gives those in trouble the best possible chance of a quick, effective rescue.

A significant step forward in the evolution of PLBs, the PLB3 ensures any nearby vessel with AIS also immediately receives the distress signal (the alert appears on their onboard display, making it easy for them to quickly navigate directly to the activated PLB3).

Its NFC capability makes the PLB3 the world’s first smartphone-connected PLB and its comforting RLS feature reassures users that their distress message has been received and their location detected by worldwide Search and Rescue personnel. 

The PLB3 has a webbing clip, can fit within a lifejacket, and, in the case of an inflatable lifejacket, activate automatically when the lifejacket inflates.  

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Like all Ocean Signal rescueME personal locator beacons, the small, lightweight PLB3 comes complete with a free Ocean Signal Beacon app (for IOS and Android), a strobe and infrared strobe light, 5-year battery life and over 24 hours of operational life.

These products are available through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers.

Product information is available from Lusty & Blundell on (09) 415-8303 or at www.lusty-blundell.co.nz.

  - Lusty & Blundell


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