Effects of Moon and Tide Explained in Series

Most anglers have an appreciation of the moon and tide and the effects it has on their catch, but few understand why.

Maori have used moon and tide phases to accurately predict the outcome of fishing ventures for centuries – their survival depended on it. And it was not just fishing but planting and harvesting essential crops as well.

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The mystic that surrounds maramataka – the traditional Maori lunar calendar where each year has 12 months based on the cycles of the moon – is revealed in Moon Tide Fishing, a 13-episode lifestyle series currently running on Maori Television.

Producer Martin Cleave of 2B Media says there have been attempts at producing shows and calendars based on the well-known ‘Maori fishing calendar’, but they have never captured the true essence of maramataka

Show host Nore Martin gives the old teaching and traditions, orally handed down over the years, a modern context.

“Fishing with the maramataka has always been at the forefront of my mind, imbedded in my harvesting way of thinking in terms of using the moon, tides, weather and currents, but I didn’t realise I was actually doing it. With Rereata Makiha, Rangi Matumua and Nore Martin’s teachings on a personal level, and in the terms of the show, I have learned so much,” Martin says.

Whether you are a keen angler or a novice participant, Martin suggests that after watching 13 episodes of Moon Tide Fishing, you will approach their fishing from a new and refreshed perspective.

Nore Martin started his work career as a dive instructor and has gone on to work in the public sector, whether it be on a paid or voluntary basis.

With a huge respect for the teachings of his tupuna, Nore has set about to share this with all New Zealanders, drawing on a wide range of experiences and interviews with those who have an intimate knowledge of the subject.

He says that while there may be local influences, as a general guide, maramataka will be accurate in most locations around New Zealand, maximising your chances of a productive day fishing or gathering kaimoana.

“One thing is for certain, I love fishing and diving, and enjoy using maramataka each day. In the series if I can encourage and educate the new generation to engage, then we will have achieved something great,” Nore says.

Moon Tide Fishing
Screens on Maori Television, 8:00pm on Tuesdays.

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