Diplomat David Nicholson catches blue marlin weighing 74.4kg

Diplomat David Nicholson catches blue marlin weighing 74.4kg

Diplomat David Nicholson can now add another title to his name. "Big Game Fisherman"

Apart from being New Zealand’s High Commissioner, David joined a privileged group of anglers to have caught a marlin in the waters of Samoa. What’s more, it was his first!

Mr. Nicholson was fishing aboard MV Pure Indulgence with Troppo Fishing Adventures when he hooked a blue marlin weighing 74.4kg.

“It is one of the best tourist experiences that you could have in Samoa.”

“When you go out on a boat as a tourist you want to have a great day and you want to catch a fish. In this case it was the master class. It was amazing. The marlin got hooked and now I have been hooked.”

Mr. Nicholson couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Samoa is as a fishing destination.

“I think I have been in Samoa long enough to connect with the environment and I think it delivered for me today.”

“It was a beautiful day out there, the bluest water you would ever see. They told me it’s really blue due to the water temperature and the reflection of our clear blue sky. We were enjoying a beautiful day out on the water and bang, along came this big fish.”

With the fish hooked came a fight to land it.

“It took me one hour and 31 minutes to bring it in. It was quite a tussle. Our Captain Hoppo, now that man knows where to get the fish. After I landed my marlin my friend Measina Meredith landed a beautiful sailfish”

Mr. Nicholson encourages people to take the time out to see Samoa from the water.

“Being on the ocean gives you a better perspective of Upolu. When coming into Apia, you feel a part of the deep blue sea. You start to get a different outlook on life and a different focus on our community here. “How beautiful Samoa is and how much mother nature dominates it. As you look over the ocean in front of you, there is the urban landscape of the city with the greenery of the hills and majestic mountains along the island providing a wonderful back ground".

It took a boat ride out to the deep ocean for him to realize the feeling is never the same as simply being present during events for the Samoa International Game Fishing Association and joining groups of fishermen celebrating their achievements on land.

“I have come to a lot of the SIGFA functions but I never had a chance to go fishing. This was my first day. What better result could I wish for".

“For Samoa Tourism, we need to be promoting this fantastic activity all the time. I welcome anybody onto the water to enjoy the experience that I had today".

“My job doesn’t give me any training for this sort of thing. Today it was a physical challenge for me. But with lots of encouragement from the other members of Team Troppo, I ending up experiencing a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. What I do as a diplomat is government representation. To get a result like this out on the water on a day like today was very special.”

When he was asked to describe his journey being in the ocean he says “It was an outstanding day with nature and thank you to Greg, SIGFA and Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa for the opportunity".

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Capt Greg “Hoppo” Hopping – www.fishsamoa.com

12 July 2018

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