Rarotonga and Aitutaki

Rarotonga and Aitutaki

Marie Blair with a 46kg wahoo caught on Marlin Queen charters


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Rarotonga is about 4 hours flight-time from Auckland and is the centrepiece of a group of 15 islands known as the Cook Islands.

Fishing, diving and other water-sports all feature highly in popular tourist activities. The deep water in Rarotonga is not far from the reef.

The fishing in Rarotonga is typical of the tropical Pacific and a range of reef and pelagic species are on offer for anglers. A number of FADs (fish aggregation devices) around the island are a frequent destination for the local charter fleet, and they attract a full range of species from tiny baitfish through to larger pelagics like yellowfin tuna, mahimahi, wahoo, sailfish and marlin. Giant trevally are found around the outer reef and dogtooth tuna in similar areas and around the deeper drop-offs.

Aitutaki is world reknown for amazing bonefishing however there's also some excellent fishing outside the reefs for other species and especially giant trevally.

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