Steiner binoculars review

Steiner binoculars review

Steiner optics are renowned for top quality in marine, hunting and military applications. Their binoculars carry a fine pedigree where craftmanship and technology are melded into a product that literally changes your view of the world.

Firstly, high light-transmission means an extremely clear, bright image even in low light, while the sports autofocus gives a simple ‘lift and look’ approach, making them a pleasure to use. You can focus each eyepiece individually, giving focus from 20 metres to infinity.

Steiner optics have a high standard of colour and aberration correction, and while the pricing reflects that quality, it’s certainly worth the price when you see how well their products perform. The hydrophobic multilayer anti-reflection surface coatings maintains the high-quality image for many years.

Generally a 50-degree field of view is considered to be optimum for marine use and the Commander 7x50 and Navigator Pro 7x50s are specifically designed for people who spend a bit of time on the water.

The Navigator Pro 7x30s are smaller, and while delivering a reduced field of vision, they are also lighter and more compact. They incorporate the same technology as the big brother 7x50s and are a good option where usage might span several outdoor activities, such as marine, tramping and hunting – or where weight and space are critical considerations. They’d not be a bad option for those big outdoor concerts either.

The Steiner marine series are waterproof up to 10m and the Commander 7x50 model has eyecups that can be adjusted to accommodate glasses. All three models we tested were very comfortable and easy to use.

On the water, the Commander 7x50s and Navigator Pro 7x50s performed exceptionally well, even when the boat was rocking and rolling to some degree. Signs of bird feeding activity are some of nature’s biggest clues on the ocean and there’s no doubt a pair of decent binoculars can turn an average day into a blinder!

On one particular trip the Commander 7x50s enabled us to pick up feeding gannets that we probably wouldn’t have spotted unaided and resulted in some solid work-up fishing we otherwise wouldn’t have enjoyed. Top marks to Steiner right there!

In summary, if you’re looking for a quality pair of binoculars for your outdoor activities then Steiner should be on your list of options. They won’t be the cheapest, but they certainly deliver a quality result and Steiner back your purchase with warranties ranging between 10 and 30 years, depending on the model, so you can be confident they’ll deliver for many years to come.

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January 2019 - Grant Blair
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