Redfuel Battery Pack product review

Redfuel Battery Pack product review

Red Fuel SLI1 – never be caught powerless again

On the larger modern motors, a manual start is out of the question. Other options include returning to the vehicle to take its battery out or finding some leads to jumpstart your boat from a neighbouring one – if there is one handy and the leads can reach it.

Now there is a much easier and more convenient option – a RedFuel ‘Powered by Schumacker’ jump-start pack. Having one of these on board should mean you never find yourself stranded due to a flat battery at the ramp or out at sea ever again. It is your ‘get out of jail free’ card in all sorts of situations, not just on the water!

The unit is safe to use. Once the two terminal clamps are secured to the battery, the charging process cannot commence until a jump-start button is pressed. If all is not as it should be (a poor connection for example), an LED display gives a warning. That same LED display indicates the charge level remaining in the start unit.

Lithium ion technology is behind the RedFuel pack. The manufacturer claims the unit is 75% lighter than lead-acid models of a similar capacity, with up to five times more cycle life and four to five times the cranking power. It is portable, easily fitting into a travel case, backpack or glove box. Incorporated into the unit is an ultrabright LED flashlight which can also be used as a hazard signal.

The Red Fuel SLI1 is much more than just an emergency jump starter. It can be used as a fuel pack and back-up power for a number of electronic devices such as smart phones, iPads, camcorders, tablets and cameras (such as GoPros) via two USB ports. Some models can even save your vehicle’s electronics settings while switching out your battery.

Included in the RedFuel pack are: an AC wall charger with a multi-adaptor base (great for international travellers); a 12-volt port adaptor; USB/Micro USB connector; a 12-volt car charger; battery clamp adaptor; and a zipped travel case.

The unit is manufactured by Schumacher Electric Corporation, a USAbased company which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

A wide range of Schumacker-branded chargers/power packs/fuel packs is available in New Zealand, distributed by Advance Trident Ltd, Auckland.

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March 2017 - Grant Dixon
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