Penn Fathom and Ocean Assassin combo

Penn Fathom and Ocean Assassin combo

It’s a mean looking reel with a full metal jacket and it means business. Grant Blair recently had the opportunity to run a Penn fathom 40NLD matched to an Ocean Assassin OCAS 501 MHOH through it’s paces.

The Fathom series are engineered to be fished with braided or mono lines and cover a wide range of fishing applications such as jigging, live baiting, and bottom fishing. The kingfish of Mercury Bay proved no match for this sturdy combo, and several anglers who’d never hooked a kingfish were able to land their first in style.

The lever drag is smooth, easy to operate, and the HT-100 washers can easily be reconfigured to change the maximum settings right up to a gut-bruising 18kg of drag. The well-engineered cam provides a smooth transition across the range from free-spool, through strike and right up to the not-for-the faint-hearted sunset settings. It also has a rather handy fine tune knob to tweak the drag as required.

On the technical side, the full metal body and side plates of the Penn Fathom keeps the gears immaculately aligned under heavier drag settings and a machine-cut marine grade stainless main gear matched to a hardened stainless steel pinion sets a high standard. On either side of the aluminium spool, lines indicate the spool capacity and the FTH40 will store 660 yards of 50-pound braid, 550 yards of 65-pound and 480 yards of 80-pound braid.

The Ocean Assassin rods also look the part and the 501MHOH model rated at 150-300g lure weight and PE3-5 was deceptively powerful for it’s lightweight appearance and made short work of several kingfish in the 10-12kg range.

The action is both firm and powerful and the rod is nicely finished with eight underand over-bound Fuji K guides and a solid Fuji reel seat.

Penn continues to deliver some wellconstructed, quality product and quite importantly, at very competitive prices.

The 40NLD can be snapped up for about NZ$350 if you shop around.


Retrieve rate: 102cm

Weight: 701g

Reel size: 40n

Reel handle position: right

Drag type: lever drag

Drag material: dura drag

Colour: black/red

Anti-reverse feature: multi-stop.

Gear Ratio: 4.8:1

Mono Capacity yd/lb: 410/30 315/40 235/50

Braid Capacity yd/lb: 785/50 665/65 565/80

Bearing count: 5

Max drag: 40lb | 18.1kg

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April 2018 - Grant Dixon
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