GR8NZLIFE Rod Rack Review

GR8NZLIFE has developed a series of rod racks to keep everything from your lightest slow-pitch jig outfit to your big game gear stored safely – either on board or in the garage.

For a full spread of four or five game rods and reels, you are looking at a minimum of $12,000, depending on brands, so it pays to look after them.

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When tackle is in transit or storage, most damage happens – this heavier tackle is often ‘thrown’ in the cabin of the trailer boat or launch where it is not well secured or protected. When placed in the gunwale holders or the rocket launcher, it is exposed to the elements, where salt finds its way into the reel’s workings. On hooking up, the rods not involved in the action are often hurriedly dumped out of the way, the crew’s immediate focus is on dealing with the fish rather than caring for the gear.

GR8NZLIFE has developed a series of removable rod racks that attach to the cockpit coaming pockets, providing in-transit storage that sees the reels kept out of the spray zone when underway and out of the way when hooked up. The newly released Series 3 game rod racks have been designed specifically for heavy tackle, modified to provide better clearing for rods, including bent butts, from the inside of the coaming edges.

The racks can be customised to suit various storage requirements. They are available in three colours – black, white and silver – and the back frame can be set at three heights – 240, 300 and 160mm – at assembly. The fittings are fully adjustable to provide straight-up, forward, or rear-facing holders with three angles – 0, 15 or 30 degrees. GR8NZLIFE holders will fit most boat brands with cockpit parcel trays.

Portability is another feature. The holders can be adapted to fit boats, trailers, or onto a wall. For example, the holder can be removed from the cockpit and attached to a wall using brackets supplied, making it easier to wash and dry the rods when the crew cleans the boat.

There are several options in the GR8NZLIFE Series 3 Universal Multi Rod range which boasts units to take 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 rods. Each comes with plastic rod holders as standard, which you can upgrade to alloy for heavier tackle.

March 2023 - Grant Dixon
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