Catch More Snapper and Kingfish on Lures Book Review

Catch More Snapper and Kingfish on Lures Book Review

Catch More Snapper and Kingfish on Lures

Mark Kitteridge and Joe Dennehy

Self published

192 pages colour

RRP $30.00

According to authors Mark Kitteridge and Joe Dennehy, this book is the response to a need for better lure education.

In particular, Joe realised that fishing-tackle staff members would sell the necessary gear to customers, but often lacked sufficient time to properly instruct the purchasers on how to get the best from it afterwards. Or, the staff member didn’t really know much about the technique, either. And there was always a good chance that the customers wouldn’t remember what had been suggested later on anyway. This book addresses all those issues and more.

It starts with rod and reel basics, so anglers are familiar with terminology, then moves on to the basic lure knots required. Next, all the more popular snapper and kingfish techniques are dealt with in great detail. Mark and Joe cover slow-jigging, soft-baiting, various metal jigs (including micro jigs and knife jigs), along with poppers, stick-baits, minnows and more.

The authors play to their strengths, with well-known angler Mark providing most of the technical aspects gained from 55 years on the water, while Joe uses his extensive retail experience to recommend rods and reels that suit the various lure methods. All aspects are supported by high quality images and diagrams.

While snapper and kingfish are the primary targets discussed, each section finishes off with the other popular species regularly taken as by-catch, along with tips and tactics to maximise their capture, if desired.

The book finishes off nicely with worthwhile sections on caring for the fishery and looking after the catch.

One thing’s for sure, Catch More Snapper and Kingfish on Lures is the definitive book covering all the current lure-fishing methods. Once you’ve read it, there will be no excuses for failure! 

Distributed by Ocean Angler and available through selected tackle stores nationwide.

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New Zealand Fishing News

January 2020 - Grant Dixon
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