Catch Beady Eye Kaburas Review

Catch Beady Eye Kaburas Review

I have a fishing mate, Richard Bathurst, who is as keen on new angling ‘bling’ as anyone I know.

When we head out for a fish, he is quick to suss out any new lures I may be trialling and is always keen to give them a shot.

When he first saw the Catch Beady Eye Kaburas in my kit, his eyes lit up with the comment “those look interesting”. We were out off Bream Bay on one of those slow, hot January days where the good action early on dwindled away as the sun rose – a good time to test the mettle of any new lure.

Richard tied on a 14g Beady Eye in Orange Crackle livery and dropped it to the bottom in 35 metres. ‘Far too light for this depth and drift speed,’ I thought, but it was not long until he was playing what proved to be our best snapper for the day, a 6.7kg model. The lure fished consistently for the remainder of the session, leaving the soft-baits in its dust on this occasion.

More recently, the same lure has been a consistent performer and I have caught snapper, trevally and john dory on it in depths to 55 metres. The skirts have stood up to the punishment of having caught 15 or so fish and the quality Japanese hooks have also remained sharp and in good shape.

On the last trip I got one up on Richard with a 72cm 7kg snapper on an 80g Beady Eye, fished on the bottom in 55m – with the rod in the holder when the fish struck!

Many of the hits have been on the drop, not uncommon for this style of lure. They have also caught fish using the ‘drop and drag’ method with the rod in the holder, as well as when fished the conventional Kabura way using small lifts of the rod in conjunction with slow winds of the reel.

Beady Eye Kaburas come in four colours with UV and glow – Orange Crackle, Pink Crackle, Chartuese and White Warrior.

The smaller 7g-29g Beady Eyes are available only in orange/white colour with the others coming in at the 60-150g weight choices.

Catch! Tell me the small 7g Kabura is a hot favourite among kayakers, along with land-based and freshwater anglers. The kayakers have been taking off the skirts and replacing them with worm hooks and soft-bait tails to good effect, especially in deeper water.

We have been fishing them on overhead slow-pitch outfits with multiplying reels.

Catch! recommend the following combos from within their own range:

Catch Kensai 80-150g Acid-Wrap rod with a Catch! JGX2000 reel; Catch Pro-Series 50-150g Acid-Wrap with JGX3000; Kensai 80-150g Spin Rod with SP3000; and Pro-Series 50-150g Spin with SP3000.

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March 2020 - Grant Dixon
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