Black Duck Seat Covers Reviewed

Black Duck Seat Covers Reviewed

While a fishing magazine reviewing vehicle seat covers might seem strange, when you think about it, hunting and angling – or anything else to do with the great outdoors – can be a dirty business.

Black Duck provided us with two sets of their 4Elements product, designed specifically for those who use their vehicles both privately and for business.

Business partner Grant Blair and I are fortunate to drive Ford Ranger utilities – two ideal tow wagons which are also our daily drive vehicles. Black Duck fitted them both out with their 4Elements covers, a waterproof 19oz cotton twill material which provides the durability of canvas but the comfort of denim. It is the latest in their extensive range, and makes them the largest supplier of canvas waterproof seat covers in the country.

NZ Fishing News opted for the 4Elements seat coverings for its Ford Ranger tow vehicles.

Because our vehicles are rotated reasonably often, we need to make sure they are returned in good condition. Fishing by its very nature can be a messy business with wet, salty clothing, sometimes smeared with blood and scales, coming into contact with the seat material. Black Duck covers provide a comfortable barrier between the muck and grime and original seat coverings.

I did wonder if the covers, due to the density of the material, might be hot to sit on once the warmer weather hit us, but it has proven to be quite the opposite. They are extremely comfortable, even when undertaking long trips. As time has gone by, the material has become much softer from the initial ‘starchy’ feel.

After beach launching, I have sat in them in wet clothing and expected to see salt deposits become obvious once the material dried, but this hasn’t been the case.

The covers are a firm fit on the seat, not difficult to fit and have a back pocket, replacing the one they covered up in the original seat.

It terms of ‘durability’, the 4Elements product sits in the middle of the Black Duck range.

The heavy-duty option is canvas, available in grey or black, and is the most popular choice. The canvas is 100 percent water and dust proof, ideal for on the farm, around construction and industrial sites, and for hunting and fishing – anywhere that is dirty. It is the product selected by the likes of contractors for their digger, tractor and harvester seats and those operating vehicles in the harshest of conditions.

Black Ducks’ denim option has proven popular with those who are wanting to protect their seats but still want a comfortable ride. The Denim cover is water resistant and has a soft foam inner to provide added comfort – ideal for those who travel long distances or for a family vehicle. Prices vary by model. 

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New Zealand Fishing News

January 2020 - Grant Dixon
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