Bixpy kayak jet review

The Bixpy can best be summarised as the kayaker’s version of an e-bike and it’s a game-changer for anyone who is fond of plonking themselves on a large chunk of moulded plastic and heading out on the water.

The Bixpy is a nifty little electric motor that fits on the rudder of your kayak which, unassisted, will move you along at a very respectable clip of 4-5 knots. Adding in a bit of paddle power adds more speed, meaning destinations previously out of reach become quite achievable.

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And there’s other benefits from this new technology, including the ability to fish tide and current flows in ways kayakers couldn’t in the past.

The Bixpy has a variable 10-speed electric motor and by choosing a setting that corresponds to any current flow, you can effectively hold station over schools of fish and target them for much longer periods of time. It makes fishing more productive than making long drifts while playing a fish, followed by a tedious paddle back to the hotspot. While a drogue will slow your drift, the Bixpy provides a much more effective way of holding station.

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Trolling lures with the Bixpy is a breeze – you can troll faster than by paddle power alone and for longer periods.

We experienced this first-hand in Opito Bay where the scallop boats were working (yes, outside the agreed line for recreational fishing only!) The Bixpy made it relatively easy keep up with the boats. We cast soft-baits behind the scallop dredges and caught a few snapper for dinner.

The weather was kind to us, so we didn’t get a chance to put the Bixpy through its paces in tougher conditions. It’s reassuring, however, to know you have your own wingman ready to back you when you have to contend with current, wind or a changing tide and choppy conditions. There’s certainly a feeling of safety and security after a long day on the water and the lithium-ion batteries will run your Bixpy jet for up to 10 hours at lower speeds.

There’s 10 forward and three reverse speeds controlled by a Bluetooth remote, which means you can manage your battery usage from minimal (just using the motor as a paddle assist) right through to a full noise, five knots, plus whatever else those powerful biceps will contribute!

The Bixpy kit for kayaks includes a thruster, an outboard power pack with a wireless remote control and a charger. The only other thing you’ll need is an adapter for your specific kayak. You can motorise almost any kayak with a rudder, so it’s not confined to a particular brand and it’s the ideal solution for speeding up your paddle board or small inflatable too.

The Bixpy has a number of advantages over other kayak power options including: it’s considerably lighter; completely hands-free (pedal kayaks require one hand to control the rudder steering); has a maintenancefree brushless motor; a lower sitting position; and it doesn’t take up extra room, which is very important in a kayak where space is at a premium.

Approximate pricing at the time of writing: Bixpy Motor and Battery $1,899 – adaptor not included.

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New Zealand Fishing News

January 2019 - Grant Blair
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