Connecting hollow-braid to mono

Connecting hollow-braid to mono

The method described below requires no additional braid or floss, instead incorporating the mainline itself. Whilst this makes it slightly bulkier, it’s really strong and is possibly quicker to complete than other methods.

1: Start by rounding off your nylon with a nail file.

2: Insert into the appropriately sized hollow needle.

3: Insert the needle through the braid’s sidewall around 50-80cm up the line.

4: Feed your needle up the braid for around 1.5 to two metres.

5: Remove the needle, leaving the nylon inside the braid.

6: At this point you can use a tying vice or wrap the braid and mono around your feet and use your knees to apply more pressure to the whipping.

7: Thread the remaining braid onto your PR bobbin.

8: Loosely spiral the braid up your nylon for 1-2cm, then whip tightly for 1-2cm, still heading up the nylon. This prevents too much pressure being applied to the point where the nylon leaves the hollow braid.

9: Continue whipping back the other direction over the top of your insertion point for 3-5cm.

10: Apply a series of half hitches, alternating two one way then two the other (or however you prefer to finish your PR knots). You can unwind your PR bobbin from the tag end at any stage now.

11: Finish with a six-turn Rizzuto overhand knot.

12: You can now snip your tagend short with braid scissors and finish with some Tac Glue for extra insurance.

Very quick, very strong, this knot will be easy for those who have mastered the PR knot.

You can check out a video of this connection and others on the Jigstar International Facebook page.

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July 2017 - Mark Kitteridge
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