The 2023 Great Tradie Fish Off is Back!

Trade against trade, company against company, mate again mate – it’s time to prove you’re the best at what truly matters: catching fish.

The second-ever Great Tradie Fish Off is kicking off this March, and there is a lot to get excited about. You’ll get a chance to win individual, company, and trade honours – and it’s absolutely free to enter! Thanks to our generous sponsors, there is a raft of great prizes to be won, along with a supersized trophy for the winning company (there’ll be no confusion about who has bragging rights!).

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How does the comp work?

When you sign up, you first register as an individual, then select or add your company, and finally choose your trade. Every fish you enter during the March competition dates will automatically be allocated across those three categories.

For the duration of the comp, you will be able to watch all three live leaderboards to keep up to date with how you, your trade, and your company are tracking. This is a measure-only competition, so to enter a fish, you will need an approved measure mat – one of last year’s Great Tradie Fish Off Measure Mats or another approved measure mat (a list of approved measure mats can be found at

When you catch a fish you’d like to submit, simply line it up on the mat, take a pic, and enter it on the website. Each angler can submit one fish per species per day, so choose wisely! You can then decide whether you keep the fish to feed your friends and whānau, or release it to swim another day – that’s the beauty of measure-based comps. You can also fish anywhere in the country, and we’ve included blue cod this year for you tough southern tradies!

There will be a prizegiving on the 12th of March in Auckland, but we will livestream the whole event, so those of you who are smart enough to live outside the Big Smoke can tune in too. Go give the Offsite Instagram page (@offsite_magazine) a follow to stay up to date with the prizegiving details and how you can go about tuning in.

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It may be a free competition, but that doesn’t mean our sponsors have skimped on the prizes. ColorCote, Catch and Offsite’s key sponsor Rheem have joined the party, making the total prize pool over $10,000.

Every prize will also include a custom competition Chums t-shirt, so there’s no shortage of motivation for getting out on the water and hunting down a trophy. There are prizes for the top five longest snapper, as well as average snapper, and top three prizes for kahawai, kingfish, and blue cod.

The illustrious company trophy will be decided by the combined length across all three species, taking the top three fish of each species. The trade prize will be decided in the same way, except taking the top five lengths of each species.

If you and your company want to be a part of The Great Tradie Fish Off, simply click the image below & register today. Sign up before the 31st of January and go in the draw to WIN one of three Catch Fishing Value Packs (valued at over $130 each).

WHAT: The Great Tradie Fish Off


WHEN: 2nd-11th March 2023

PRIZEGIVING: 12th March 2023, venue TBA


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