New Zealand Fishing News 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

  • New Zealand Fishing News 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

The beauty about buying gifts for anglers and boaties is that there is an endless range of options – everything from the latest lure through to a new boat or tow wagon– a few dollars through to many thousands.

While the chances of getting a new boat might be slim – there are some neat gift ideas on the following pages that won’t need a second and third mortgage and the handing over of your first-born to purchase.

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1.    Daiwa 22 Free Swimmer BR

Daiwa NZ's Free Swimmer BR reel is made to cater to popular kiwi fishing styles. Bite'N'Run (BR) is a key technology for keen live or dead bait anglers, as it allows fish to take baits under minimal line tension to ensure a solid hookset. The reel is built around a robust and sturdy carbon composite frame and Air Rotor. The internals have been carefully sealed through the implementation of rubber seals, and it features a host of standard Daiwa technologies, including Air Rotor, ATD Drag, and Tough Digigear.

Available soon in both 8000 and 10000 - $299 RRP.


2.    Oh Brother Pale Ale 6 x 330ml cans 5.1%

Made just how a pale ale should be, the coolly modulated US hop character of mangoes and passionfruit is fused with biscuity malts to make it the perfect sessional brew for a day on the boat. Add a six-pack to the Christmas list and enjoy a few cold ones on the big day with friends and family to make the festive season more enjoyable!

Available from, supermarkets and liquor stores.

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3.    Dirty Steve Banana Foaming Wash + Ceramic Infusion 

Dirty Steve Banana Foaming Wash is the solution to a professional deep clean of your boats, jet skis, cars, and dirt bikes after a day at the track, off-roading or on the water. Designed to lift and remove dirt, salt, and other contaminants from external surfaces with little effort, our specially formulated solution is ceramic infused, creating a protective residue that leaves surfaces glistening and protected against contaminants.

4.    Handheld Colt 1000 LED Spot Light 2700 Lumen 

This heavy-duty, rechargeable LED handheld spotlight features six high-powered LEDs producing an impressive spot beam with up to 244m beam distance. The Colt 1000 is protected by a heavy-duty casing making it fully sealed and waterproof. Equipped with a removable, replaceable battery with 2.5 hours of run time and only 1.5 hours to recharge, this unit is ideal for boating, camping, hunting and emergency applications.

5.    Intelli-Start Lithium Jump Starters

Projecta's all-new Intelli Start range is the safest, smartest and most powerful range of jumpstarters. With Rapid Recharge Technology, it's the first jumpstarter to recharge itself — so it's always ready right when you need it. The high-cranking Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4) is purpose-built for jump-starting and lasts 4x longer than the competition, delivering incredible power to the premium ergo-designed clamps. There are two options – the IS920 - 240A clamp power & 900 peak amps and the IS1220 - 400A clamp power & 1200 peak amps.

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6.    Liberty Firestarter IPA 7%

This brew is sure to rock your tastebuds – it's an IPA amped up on Citra and Mosaic hops with a West-Coast style. This heady concoction won the People's Choice Award at this year's Malthouse IPA Challenge. At 7%, it's a true party starter, a top beverage to get you through the festive season, and a great gift for those mates who appreciate a good drop. $11.99 for a 440ml can.

Available from, supermarkets and liquor stores while stocks last.

7.    BCS: Zest Gan Jigs

The new Zest Gan Jigs are excellent for casting, vertical and slow jigging. These jigs come in a variety of colours to entice the hungriest predators. They're also equipped with twin assist hooks for better hookups. Featuring a fast-sliding action, the jigs are deadly attractive on snapper and many other species. Ideal for casting, vertical and slow jigging, lethal on snapper, and comes with twin assist hooks. Weight: 35g - available in Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, and Silver.

8.    Monteith’s Tight Lines Pale Ale

Monteith's is set to create some serious waves this summer with their new Tight Lines Pale Ale. With sunny days right around the corner, Tight Lines has been brewed for Kiwis seeking something refreshing and thirst-quenching, rippling with a fruit-forward, balanced bite. 

Made with New Zealand's best ale malts, this crisp drop is available in 6 and 12 330ml packs at local grocery and alcohol stores nationwide. Click here for more

9.    Skinnies Conquer SPF50+

Skinnies Conquer SPF50+ sunscreen is specifically designed for fishing and ocean activity with four hours of water resistance. NZ made with zero water, Skinnies rubs in clear, and a pea-sized blob covers your face, neck and ears.

Available at


10.    Dirty Steve Foaming Applicator Gun

The Foaming Applicator Gun is a quick and easy way to deep clean your valued possessions anywhere with standard garden hose access. It's ideal for exterior maintenance cleaning of marine watercraft such as boats, jet-skis, 4WDs, cars, dirt bikes, caravans, RVs, motorhomes and trailers. Connect a standard garden hose, load the generous 1L reservoir with your choice of Dirty Steve Solution and 'let the foam begin'. The adjustable dial allows total foam and spray intensity control, ensuring 100% coverage.


11.    COBB Gas

The COBB Gas brings cooking convenience to boating. Fuelled by a 230g/450g butane gas canister, with up to nine hours of cooking time, this portable stainless steel cooking system is a dream to have onboard. With no external heat transfer through the base, you can safely cook on any surface, even on your bait board. A range of accessories allows you to grill, roast, fry, smoke and boil – your cooking options are endless.

12.    Salt-Attack Corrosion Shield Spray Lubricant 300G 

This product is superior in all marine applications requiring a salt-killing lubricant spray. Formulated with the latest PTFE and polymer technology and blended with premium anti-wear, anti-corrosion and moisture-displacing additives. Suggested applications include rods and reels, fishing tackle and dive gear, firearms and military equipment, boats and trailers, marine engines, cars, trucks and motorcycles, automotive equipment, slide tracks & zips on canopies, and remote-control hobby equipment.

For more info or call 0800 272 589

13.    Hauraki Fishing Hot Spots by Bruce Duncan

New Zealand fishing legend Bruce Duncan lets you in on all his secrets in his new book Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots, a great Christmas gift for that Auckland angler in your life. Over 150 spots are profiled, and Bruce discusses the underwater terrain, target species, the best methods, tides and times to fish each area.

Visit to purchase your copy.

14.    Dirty Steve Peppermint Engine Flush and Salt Remover 

Designed for flushing marine engines, removing salt, and a general salt wash for marine watercraft and equipment, Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator is perfect for general maintenance cleaning of boats, jet-skis, PWCs, trailers or any surface that may come into contact with corrosive salty sea air. The solution can be used as a marine engine flush after a day at sea or as a 'spray & rinse' for surfaces to wash away accumulated salt. Available at Smart Marine, Burnsco, Boating & Outdoors and Repco stores.

15.    Stoney Creek Provider Bags - $249.99 - $449.99

Looking for the ultimate Christmas present? Look no further than The Provider Bags. Built with protection in mind, the ultra-tough, mould and UV-resistant DEFENDER 500D Marine Grade PVC outer withstands anything the adventure brings. Puncture-resistant 840D TPU inner lining provides extensive care to what's inside. The all-around bag is insulated, has waterproof storage and has easy access through the wide mouth with a "stand-up" design.

To find out more, head to

16.    Stoney Creek Chilly Bag - $379.99 (Special Price of $279.99 until the end of December 2022)

Keep your catch and your brews cold all weekend long with our Chilly Bags, providing up to 100 hours of cold storage! These beauties are airtight and floatable, ensuring everything inside stays protected. Stoney Creek Chilly Bags are lighter to carry and easier to store than hard-sided coolers. Constructed from RF welded multi-layer DEFENDER 840D TPU with an IPX7 zip.

Check them out at

17.    New Season Stoney Creek Fishing Tees - $39.99 - $59.99

Catch our new season fishing tees! Whether it's at the beach, boat, bach or BBQ, once you get your hands on these, you'll want one for every day of the week. Represent your pride and passion for game fishing with our range of unique designs. Made from 100% cotton, these tees are breathable and keep you cool and comfortable on those hot summer days.

To check out the range

18. Dirty Steve Marine Engine Flush Applicator 

Engine flushing is recommended for marine vessels to break down layers of salt accumulation, preventing corrosion and prolonging the life of your engine after any use in salt water. The applicator allows for 100ml of Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator Solution to be injected directly into engines of boats, jet-skis and PWC, flushing out salt deposits. It connects via the garden hose and marine outboard engine and automatically mixes the solution once the tap is turned on.


19.    Salt Attack Salt remover

The latest, most advanced formula by the suppliers of salt removers for 20 years. Salt-Attack salt remover is a highly effective engine flush and protective maintenance product for washing your boat and fishing gear. Salt-Attack is proven incredibly effective at removing and neutralising salt deposits with its advanced corrosion inhibitors. Best value: 1L makes 500L. Available in 1,2,4 and 20Ltrs.

For more info and an independent product review, visit or call 0800 272 589.

20.    Odorex Odour Eliminators

Eliminate fish odour from hands, clothing, boat interiors, fishing gear, tackle boxes and more with the non-toxic and biodegradable Odorex fish range that includes soap and hand and boat sanitisers. Click To Clean Boat is a concentrated, easy spray boat wash. The natural citrus solvent easily cuts through grease and salt residue and sanitises bilge areas. Approximately 10 x trailer boat cleans.

Get 10% Off Your First Order at!


21.    HitchPost trailer coupling lock

The HitchPost is easy to use and designed to take the weight off the jockey wheel and keep your trailer secure. Manufactured from 5mm aluminium with a lock that is extremely hard to remove, the HitchPost is the only trailer or caravan lock that can be fastened to the ground. Proudly NZ-made, the product is over-designed to make it difficult to cut off or remove without the key.

Find out more at:

22.    Export Fishing Competition Measure

Length is the new weight when it comes to bragging about your catch. These measures are approved for the Export NZ Fishing Competition – a nationwide, year-round fishing competition based on length. This model of fishing competition gives the angler the choice of whether to release their fish. The measure mat reaches 190cm long to cater for even the biggest kingfish and includes a paua, crayfish and scallop measure.

Purchase a measure here.

23.    NZ Fishing News Subscription

Give the gift of fishing this Christmas with a NZ Fishing News magazine subscription. We've been sharing the latest and greatest angling news, reviews and how-tos for nearly 45 years and continue to be the go-to for the best fishing stories and advice. With both print and digital choices, there's sure to be an option for the fisher in your life. Every new or renewed subscription in November and December 2022 goes into the draw to win one of three Black Magic Tackle Packs worth $1,000 each!

Subscribe today by clicking here.

24.    Exploding Fish rod holders 

Exploding Fish are the only rod holder on the market that rotates in 5-degree increments, locking in various positions as needed. The mirror polished 316 marine grade stainless steel rod holder is rated to 60kg/135lb tackle and covers most general fishing needs. Adjust spread and angle when trolling, drifting, at anchor or bottom fishing, and effortlessly bring your rod tip inboard to change your rig, or protect it when docking. RRP: $329.

Every rod holder purchased receives an Ocean Angler jig/lure worth $25, redeemable online at

*Promotion ends 28 February 2023 or while stocks last.

25.    RescueME PLB1 

Wherever you are, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. The unit can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring-loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use. When activated, the rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and your ID to rescue services nearest to you, regularly updating that position. RRP: $655. Promo: $590 with FREE pouch. Available at selected outdoor and recreational outlets. 

*Promotion ends 28 February 28, 2023 or while stocks last.


CS FREE is an innovative ‘must have’ Start Booster, Portable Smart Charger (away from mains) and Power Bank for boaties needing maintenance or emergency battery charging to start engines and on-the-go power.  The chargers include multi-stage patented charging technology – a maintenance charging stage which periodically checks the battery state of health and voltage and provides a maintenance charge when appropriate. There is a desulphurating function that cleans the batteries by pulsing the current and voltage. 

RRP is $698, with a promo price of $499 until February 28 or while stocks last.


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