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As series two of Moon Tide Fishing draws closer to an end, presenter Nori Martin thought it would be appropriate to reflect on some of the season’s highlights.

Firstly, I absolutely love being able to present this show. It gives me an opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years about fishing to the maramataka, but I also get to fish with great people who share their knowledge along the way.

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There have been many memorable moments this season fishing with some awesome characters and landing some epic fish. One of the more special episodes for me was filming the #FISHonMUNGZYthon competition. This was a fundraiser event inspired by a special young child named Manga Tangaroa, nicknamed Mungzy, who suffers from a rare medical condition. His whanau were raising funds to build and establish a full immersion Te Reo Māori early childhood education centre to cater for children such as Manga Tangaroa who require special care. Although we experienced unusually rough conditions during the Tangaroa phase of the maramataka, many people turned out in force for what resulted in an amazing event.

A personal highlight of the season was landing my personal best tāmure (snapper) on a trip in the Far North, fishing to the phase of Tangaroa ā roto (8 days after Rākaunui - full Moon). I had never landed a 20lb plus tāmure from a boat (only land-based) and this was the goal for the day. Not only was this an action-packed day of catching a variety of fish species but landing my biggest ever snapper (tāmure), a fish over 11kg (24lb) was something quite special.

The one goal I didn’t manage to achieve was landing a marlin. While I was lucky enough to have a marlin hooked, we eventually lost it and had to settle for a couple of big warehenga (kingfish), caught on the marlin lures as we trolled through a shallower reef in the hope of encountering a black marlin. I’m hopeful that I will have another opportunity to rectify this during the next marlin season.

While Moon Tide Fishing is mostly filmed during the better maramataka phases, in season two we decided to film some of the least favourable phases such as Korekore Te Whiwhia (four days after Rakaunui - full moon) and Huna (nine days after Whiro - new moon). It certainly proved hard work to make a worthy episode, and although we still managed to catch enough fish, this demonstrated to our viewers just how tough these phases can be. What’s important to note is fishing these less favourable phases doesn’t necessarily mean you will come home empty-handed, but it can mean a long slow day at the office.

As season two comes to an end, we can look forward to filming season three. I am always grateful for the opportunity to share information about the maramataka, grateful for the people I get to meet, and grateful for our audience and sponsors who continue to support the show. I am looking forward to the adventures to come in season three and can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you all again in 2023. Mauri Ora!


Moon Tide Fishing is a presenter-driven series that celebrates fishing to the Maramataka – the Maori lunar calendar. Presenter Nore Martin takes viewers on an entertaining and informative haerenga around the motu, to share this knowledge and prove that the Maramataka works anywhere. This traditional knowledge is based on thousands of years of observation and shows where and when to fish according to the phases of the moon. The Maramataka plays an important role in everyday interaction with the environment and has been helping to feed tangata whenua for generations.


IPIPIRI - Tuesday October 4, 8.00pm MTV
It’s mid-winter and the moon phase of Okoro – perfect for fishing. Nore Martin has been invited on board a trip of a lifetime with a couple of mates. They have a bucket list of species to catch, and an old score to settle.


HOKIANGA - Tuesday October 11, 8.00pm MTV
Nore is in his hometown of Mitimiti where he is running a two-day fishing comp to raise money for a new pre-school for children with disabilities. While the moon phases of Korekore, Whakapiri, Tangaroa and Tangaora, A Mua are usually good days for fishing, the unusually windy weather could make for tough conditions.


MOKOHINAU ISLANDS - Tuesday October 18, 8.00pm MTV
Nore Martin and a team of anglers travel to the Mokohinau Islands to test the Maramataka phases across a three-day period around the full moon. The results are staggering, leaving one angler lost for words.

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