Entries open for the 2023 Seafood Sustainability Awards 

The Seafood Sustainability Awards are a great chance to recognise outstanding contributions to sustainability from right across the sector – aquaculture, iwi, recreational and commercial fishing as well as research and innovation. 

The awards are not just for the big organisations – individuals, small businesses and not-for-profits can also succeed across this broad range of award categories. 

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This year’s award categories include:

•    Operational Innovator award
•    Market Innovator award
•    Future Leader award
•    Ocean Guardian award
•    Tangata Tiaki/ Kaitiaki award
•    Supreme Sustainability award (to be selected from the winners across the categories).

In addition, a winner will be selected for the Minister for Oceans and Fisheries award to recognise long-term contributions to sustainability in the seafood sector. You can nominate yourself or someone else for an award.
Submit your entry before 5pm Friday 24 March 2023. For more details and to enter the awards go to mpi.govt.nz/seafood-awards.


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