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Q: I'm sick of cleaning bait off my boat so want to give softbaiting a go, what do I need? Eric, Mount Maunganui

A question a lot of anglers ask themselves, welcome to the world of lure fishing! Here are a few things you need to start softbaiting effectively.

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Rod/Reel combo: It is important to get a reel that balances well with your rod. You will be making dozens of casts a day so it needs to be light, and balanced to gain maximum accuracy and distance. All rods have a line rating; if you are starting off, the 4-8kg range is ideal but pair that with a 2500-4000 size reel.

Braid: Braid is important as it has a near zero stretch, enabling you to work your soft bait more effectively and detect bites quicker. The braid you choose needs to match your rods line rating. Braid generally has a higher breaking strain than equivalent monofilament, so for the 4-8kg rod, a 10-15lb braid is ideal. EDGE Fishing have a fantastic variety of braid you can choose from.

Fluorocarbon leader: Fluorocarbon is near invisible in water and has a higher abrasion resistance, making it perfect for lure fishing. Line weight will depend on where you are fishing; start off with 20lb, however if fishing around a lot of rocky/reef areas then up your leader size to 30lb.

Jig heads: Size will vary depending on what depth you are fishing and the size of the soft baits you are using. The most important thing when starting off is you need to be fishing on or near the bottom. As a guide, for 20metres or less, use a 1/2oz 3/0 jighead, in 20+m, use a 1oz 3/0.

Soft baits: There is a wide variety of soft baits on the market, as a starting point we recommend 5” Jerkshads and 4” Curly Tails. Have a selection of bright colours and darker/natural colours as feeding habits can change - a colour that was working well early may not be effective later in the day.

Sea anchor/drogue: It is important to slow down your drift, and the best way to do this is by deploying a drogue. This gives your soft bait the best chance of staying near the bottom for the longest period of time.

Get out there, give it a crack and let us know how you get on.

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-The Team at EDGE Fishing


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