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Home Port:           
Whakatane, Bay Of Plenty

Rick Pollock

Second Skipper:   
Mark Collins

Normal Area Of Operation:       
Eastern Bay of Plenty and Ranfurly Bank.  During the autumn months, the far north including the Three Kings Islands.

Since 1984 this operation has reverted solely to sportfishing with a beginning that incorporated commercial fishing with White Island through Ranfurly Bank being the main destination area.

The spring of 1986 saw a legend in the making – the first “PURSUIT” was purchased and put into charter work.  This stable sea boat saw much action with many tournament victories, national and world record catches accredited to her anglers.  Spending upwards of 250 days at sea each year, the sight of “PURSUIT” plying Bay of Plenty waters became commonplace.

1996 signalled the beginning of a new era as construction of a new “PURSUIT” began.  The following year the all new purpose built “PURSUIT” was launched and immediately put into service.  This state of the art craft was given a stern test in her maiden year, being at sea 296 days.  She came through this “baptism of fire” with flying colours – never to look back.  During this time the new “PURSUIT” has found favour with her numerous passengers.  Catching plenty of fish in a friendly and safe manner is our goal each and every trip.


Vessel Information:  
This 53 foot craft has some impressive qualities, endearing her to all who step aboard.  A large uncluttered cockpit area comes to the immediate attention of the discerning angler, as does the full walk around decks.  NZ’s largest livebait tank also stands out, sometimes being confused as a spa bath!  Since utilising live bait techniques has always been an integral part of our operation, this oversized tank is invaluable.  An extra large fish hold capable of storing over three tonnes of ice ensures an ultra fresh catch upon your return to port – cold drinks as well!  Fifty rod holders keep rods and reels safe, secure and ready to use at any time.

Powered by twin 500hp Yanmar diesel engines, “PURSUIT” is capable of 22 knots although a cruising speed of 9-12 is more the norm.  Her wide beam and deep draft mean she is a very stable platform to fish from.


Safety Features:   

This boat completely conforms to all the safety standards set by the Maritime NZ (9001 certified).  “PURSUIT” boasts two EPIRB’s (locator beacon) and a 12 man inflatable life raft among all the other safety equipment onboard.  Most trips see two fully qualified and certified skippers onboard.

Navigational Aids: 
Well elevated in the “flying” bridge, Rick not only has an excellent vantage point but plenty of space age technology at his fingertips.  Among these electronics are a 36 mile radar, dual frequency depth sounder, global positioning system, autopilot and three radios.  “PURSUIT” leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to safety or fish finding capabilities.

Accommodation and Amenities:  
Creature comforts abound inside the boats spacious accommodation.  A full sized salon incorporates large dining area galley, entertainment centre and even small library.  A standard flush toilet and shower grace the “head”.  TV, video player and CD/tape player make “PURSUIT” feel like a floating hotel.  Generous sized bunks mean eight passengers can sleep comfortably on their own.  Excellent catered meals can be provided or you can bring your own food.  Either way all the cooking and associated cleanup is done by the crew, leaving you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Depending upon the length of trip and type of fishing sought, “PURSUIT” and her anglers can end up in any number of areas.  Since we are based in Whakatane, White Island is a popular and close venue.  The geothermally active island, lying 27 miles offshore, offers outstanding scenery as well as consistent fishing for a wide variety of species.  Depending upon the length of trip, time of year and weather conditions we often find ourselves plying the waters in the Eastern BOP.  Te Kaha, Waihou Bay, Lottin Point, East Cape and the famous Ranfurly Bank are all favourite destinations.
From  March till early June we operate from the northland port of Mangonui.  The areas fished then include Cape Karikari, North Cape, Cape Maria Van Diemen and the Three Kings Islands.

Record Catches:
Both "PURSUITS" have been responsible for numerous World and National Records over the years.  Among these records have been four (4) All Tackle marks including Southern Yellowtail (52kgs) and Shortbill Speafish (36.8kgs).  Among numerous NZ records "PURSUIT" has nearly rewritten both the mahimahi and trevally sections.  Other catches of note are a 373 kilo black marlin, 352kg blue marlin and a 92k yellowfin tuna - NZ's second largest ever recorded on rod and reel. 

Trip Options:   
We offer a great variety of trips with passenger numbers, time frames, destinations and methods to suit a wide cross section of angler preference.

Day Trips:   
These excursions are for those with larger groups and a lot of fun in mind.  While we can cater to 30 passengers, a maximum of 20 is better with fishing in mind.  We can fish either White Island or the productive grounds surrounding the Rurima Rocks, a scant 10 miles from home port.  Normal day is 7am to 5pm.

Overnight Trips:   
These form the backbone of our operation.  By utilising the evening/night hours we assure we’re in position with good bait supplies the following morning – ready for the days fishing.  If you’ve got the time for a 48 hour trip, they will invariably offer the best value for money with productive opportunity.  Normally departs wharf around 7pm .Normally these trips take  6-8 anglers, but can accept up to 10.

Multiple Day Trips:   
For those with higher aspirations wanting the best we can consistently offer, these extended trips are the obvious choice.  With the luxury of three days and more we can offer our anglers the option of visiting Ranfurly Banks as well as many other closer venues.  This is the ultimate of trips tailor made for the more discerning fishermen (and women)!  Suggest 6 anglers or less.

Far Northern Trips:  
If you have marlin and/or the world famous Three Kings in mind then this is the area for you and your group.  Due to the distances involved, these trips need to be at least four days – preferably longer.  These trips can offer anglers the fishing experience of a lifetime in every respect.

Day Trips:  $2500 inshore, $2600 White Island  GST inclusive for up to 15 passengers.  More (up to 30) are welcome, price on application.

Overnight Trips:  $445pp GST incl for 6 anglers, $430pp for 7 and $415pp for 8.  A surcharge of $500 will be applied for three day Ranfurly trips but waived on trips longer than 4 days duration.

Multiple Day Trips:  same as above pp/day.

Far North Trips:   $3240 per day boat charge - maximum 6 anglers.

You can bring your own food or we can provide a quality catering package – your choice.  We can make a list of desirable food options available to assist or offer catering at $70pp per day (BOP) and $75pp/day (Far North) – we eat very well.

We can assist in this department by making terminal tackle available.  Heavy gear is free of charge for those needy anglers.  A suitable list of gear is available to assure every group is adequately prepared to take advantage of what’s on offer.

Mission Statement:   
To offer each and every group the ultimate in their sportfishing experience.  We’ll endeavour to do this in a  safe professional and courteous fashion with emphasis on fun.