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Hunting is a favourite leisure activity of tens of thousands of New Zealanders.

We have a number of interesting and informative hunting related articles in this section and you can join our hunting discussion forum here.

Hunting Wallabies
June 2020

Hunting wallabies is not something most New Zealand fishermen will be familiar with, but as Greg Morton explains, this is one way we can help out... Read More >

Stag hunting
April 2019

Barry Sharplin recounts how day-dreaming about hunting a stag turned into reality.... Read More >

Hunting safety
April 2019

It’s that time again. The 2018 roar promises to be a great season and we’re excited to see the buzz developing throughout the country!... Read More >

Stag hunting in the Wanaka region
April 2018

Keen outdoorsman Nick Bink’s summer is usually filled with fishing and diving trips, but this year’s unfavourable weather windows had him swapping his rod for a... Read More >

Hunting safety tips
April 2018

The main aim of Barry Sharplin’s contribution is to help hunters gain a higher success rate by getting up closer to deer during the roar. In... Read More >

The beginners guide to duck shooting
April 2018

When it comes to shooting over small ponds, Scott Taylor learned a few things over the years – mostly from trial and error – and shares... Read More >

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Johnson ocean pro carb rebuild
in The Briny Bar
13 hours ago
Sambo Black

😅 fair enough mate. Thanks for your input Mc tool. I think I’ll give the carb rebuild a goðŸ‘쳌...

Milky White Flesh in Snapper - Update
in The Briny Bar
15 hours ago

Hmmm.  Had one off Tutukaka (Ngunguru Bay) today - the first for a long long time.  The rest were fine.PS  Comms boat doing something up and...

Barrel Smoker
in The Kitchen - Seafood Recipes
17 hours ago

leave fat on or trim?? Rendered down nicely so going forward wont ne trimming.wont let upload photos again,will try later.Grr...

Manukau Harbour & West Coast fishing
in Fishing Reports
29 hours ago

All the best guys....

5.5m recommendations
in The Boat Shed
47 hours ago

Thanks for your input. I’ve decided a Figlass lightning is the way to go. No wood and much better shaped hulls than what is possible with...