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Hunting is a favourite leisure activity of tens of thousands of New Zealanders.

We have a number of interesting and informative hunting related articles in this section and you can join our hunting discussion forum here.

Hunting Wallabies
June 2020

Hunting wallabies is not something most New Zealand fishermen will be familiar with, but as Greg Morton explains, this is one way we can help out... Read More >

Stag hunting
April 2019

Barry Sharplin recounts how day-dreaming about hunting a stag turned into reality.... Read More >

Hunting safety
April 2019

It’s that time again. The 2018 roar promises to be a great season and we’re excited to see the buzz developing throughout the country!... Read More >

Stag hunting in the Wanaka region
April 2018

Keen outdoorsman Nick Bink’s summer is usually filled with fishing and diving trips, but this year’s unfavourable weather windows had him swapping his rod for a... Read More >

Hunting safety tips
April 2018

The main aim of Barry Sharplin’s contribution is to help hunters gain a higher success rate by getting up closer to deer during the roar. In... Read More >

The beginners guide to duck shooting
April 2018

When it comes to shooting over small ponds, Scott Taylor learned a few things over the years – mostly from trial and error – and shares... Read More >

Rifle performance - getting the best from your rifle
April 2013

Scott Stonex from Reloaders covers all the basics in getting the best performance from your hunting rifle.... Read More >

Hunting Ducks
November 2011

Scott Stonex from Reloaders gives us some hints and tips on getting ready for the New Zealand  duckshooting season.... Read More >

How to clean your hunting rifle
November 2011

Scott Stonex looks at cleaning hunting rifles... Read More >

Reloading your own ammunition
October 2011

Who better to give advice on reloading your own ammo than Scott Stones from Reloaders supplies!... Read More >


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FS: Large Marlin oil painting
in Buy Sell Trade or Exchange
4 minutes ago
Fish Addict

Nice work Crispy.  I'm surprised this hasn't attracted some interest.  Perhaps it has via PM?...

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O dear, wasn't a fan of their boats but bugger...

Proposed extension of restrictions Great Barrier
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Do nothing !! Save time and $$. Weed will move where it wants ! Why do people think that it can be stopped ? Nature will...

Fishing Humour
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Mc Tool

So me and the Mrs have decided  to give this vegetarian thing a whirl.We now only use plant based berley and bait  while fishing for our...

Grunter Hunter 2023
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Yes, online tickets are all picked up at prizegiving. Look forward to seeing your there again Richard....