Knots & Rigs for John Dory

John Dory would have to be one of our best table-fish. A john Dory fillet is hard to beat and is comparable with fresh blue cod or 3 day aged hapuku in my view.

They are found mainly in areas of broken foul or reefs and also estuaries and harbours and anywhere up to around 150m in depth. 
 They’re thin, deep bodied predators that primarily eat small bait fish. They’re not the fastest swimmers but stalk their prey and engulf the unwary victim with a massive mouth

Best Rigs.

The best rig for John Dory is a single hook dropper rigs with a small livebait. They may also be taken with jigs, softbaits and occasionally, small cut baits but cut baits are not recommended as a primary way of targeting them.

Best Baits.

The best bait is a livebait.

Best Spots.

John Dory love any area where there’s a good supply of small baitfish. That includes estuaries and harbours as well as reefs and low broken foul. Make sure they've had time to swallow the livebait before you start to wind in and always net them - there's been many a John Dory lost at the boat when it's spat the bait.

Best Times:

Year round.

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