Fishing news product preview July 2002

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Hand-held Magellan GPS receivers
Four new hand-held Magellan GPS receivers have been released by Electronic Navigation.

Magellan's new range is available in four product levels, designated Meridian GPS, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine and Meridian Platinum.

Each of the four compact Meridian models provides seven different navigation screens and secure digital memory card (SD card) capabilities that provide nearly unlimited memory capacity.

Key features include larger, clearer screens; the potential to use detailed Navionics charting and unlimited memory capacity to store personal waypoints and routes — and also provide elevation, a barometer, and a fluxgate compass. The Meridian GPS receivers show the user's exact location to within as little as seven metres.

The range of digitised maps is being increased constantly and greater areas of New Zealand are expected to become available for the Magellan soon.

Each model is a fully-featured GPS with 12-parallel channel receiver and can store up to 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes of up to 30 legs — more when using a memory card. Battery life from two AA sized batteries is up to 14 hours.

Magellan GPS receivers are distributed by ENL in Auckland.


 Alutecnos Albacore game reels

Alutecnos is proud of the fact that their reels are the result of a collaborative effort involving all their staff.

They have eight models of single-speed reels available from 12 to 80/130 sizes, and six in two-speed versions (30-80W).

All aluminium parts have been machined from bar stock and are subjected to rigorous dimensional and quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, and are ultrasonically cleaned, buffed and anodised with a gold finish.

Their reel seats are particularly sturdy and robust, and are secured by four anchor screws.

Alutecnos was the first brand to introduce infinite anti-reverse in their reels, and the five bearings and gears are made from tempered stainless steel for great corrosion resistance. Drag washers are constructed from the latest carbon composite material and have the appropriate protection to ensure smooth operation throughout long battles. 'Sticky drag' is virtually eliminated.

 All Alutecnos Albacore reels come in a convenient carry bag and are distributed by Composite Developments in Albany.


 Rapala Blue Fox Flash lures

 Rapala has introduced an exciting range of bladed spinners for those anglers who target trout in 1.2-1.5 metres of water.

This deep running spinner has a 30° blade to keep this fishing 'torpedo' down where the big fish like to hold, and also flutters attractively as it descends. Available in a variety of well-proven colour combos, the Blue Fox Flash lures also feature a dressed tail with mixed flashing fibres, a chrome-plated body and a blade augmented by laser holographics and paint, a stainless shaft, and an extremely sharp VMC hook for maximum penetration and resistant to bending out under pressure.

 Rapala Lures are distributed by Douglas Johnson in Auckland.


 Quicksilver Marine Priority Start

All boaties dread the thought of turning the key at the end of a nice day on the water and finding the battery dead.

Marine Priority provides automatic battery protection, so you can listen to the radio, run navigation lights and the fishfinder without worrying about the starting battery.

While you are fishing, Priority Start constantly monitors the battery's condition, and disconnects the battery if the voltage falls below 11.9 volts, preserving enough power to ensure your engine will still start. And when you hit the ignition key, Priority Start automatically reconnects the battery.

Priority Start is compact, waterproof, vibration and shock proof, and easy to install.

 For more information on Quicksilver products, contact your nearest authorised Mercury, Mariner or MerCruiser dealer. 


 Simrad RA30-24nm radar

 The Simrad RA30 radar has been developed and introduced so that it is suits small boat owners and is competitively priced. It is part of a compact new radar series that are ideal for when space is limited.

The flat 7' high definition display is full colour and offers a choice of radome or open scanners, and there's crystal-clear presentation of Semi 3D, Full Screen and Navigation data display data.

Rotary control makes it easy to operate, and other features include: double-speed antennas; stepless range selection; night display; echo tracking with true motion; second station capability; and optional mini ARPA with target tracking.

 The Simrad RA30-24nm radar is distributed by Advanced Trident Ltd in Kingsland, Auckland.


Black Magic Game Swivels

Good quality game swivels are a necessity when chasing the big fish with trolled lures.

Firstly they must ensure twist in the main line is prevented and they must create a strong link between the leader and the main line. Game swivels are probably the most neglected part of an angler's tackle. They are rarely washed and are used time and time again without any thought of maintenance. Black Magic have come up with a double ball bearing snaplock style game swivel which feature double welded rings to prevent them binding up.

Bruce Martin aboard the charter vessel Predator used them successfully for all of last season, giving the product a clean bill of health at the end. The black swivels are available in four weights - 10, 15, 24 and 37kgs.

 Distributed by Black Magic Tackle and available in good tackle stores nationwide.


 Power Pro Micro Filament Line

 Spectra Fiber was there at the ground floor of the 'superbraid revolution', and this new Power Pro Micro Filament Line, made from 100% Spectra Fibre, is a result of their experience and 'Enhanced Body Technology.

The main differences is that this braided line now feels smoother and has more body, so is less harsh on hands and guides. Spin-offs from this include smoother casts, better knot performance and a firmer lay on the reel spool.

It still has almost zero stretch so is very sensitive, and the diameter is less than a quarter that of nylon in a similar breaking strain.

 Power Pro Microfilament Line is distributed by H Dutton &Co in Mount Maunganui.


 No Ding Sinkers

 Damage to gelcoat on fibreglass and composite boats and paint surfaces on alloy boats have been estimated to cost boat owners $8,000,000 annually. Much of this is due to impact damage from sinkers.

That's why No Ding Sinkers were developed. A durable, resilient material was sourced and has been used to coat 'tear drop' sinkers in a range of sizes. The concept was found to be unique and has been patented.

As well as helping to prevent sinker damage to hulls, the coating also prevents lead sinkers from marking the surfaces they contact, and greatly reduces toxic lead from wearing or flaking off and into the environment. Even better, these sinkers do not weave through the water as most other designs do, and the plasticised coatings are non-reflective, so fewer barracouta are attracted.

No Ding Sinkers make Tournament-type sinkers in 2, 3, 4, 5, 68, 16 and 27-ounce models, as well as downrigger balls in 3, 6, 8 and 10-pound, in a choice of black or orange.

 For more information on No Ding Sinkers in Whangamata, phone 07 865 8928.


 Abu Eon 5600

 The Abu Eon 5600 is a revolutionary new reel with a unique planetary gearing system. It features three gears rather than just one, enabling six times the surface area to be covered by the gears, making this revolutionary reel much more durable than other reels in its class.

The drag is conveniently positioned, but has twice the surface area of traditional baitcasters. Designed to handle the rigours of today's superbraids, the Eon also possesses a disengaging levelwind and has an easily adjustable centrifugal brake.

With a recommended retail price of $379, the Eon has a useful line capacity of 300metres of 8-kg nylon and a powerful retrieval ratio of 4:1.


 Daiwa Sealine-X Boat stand-up rod

 Looking for an effective 'puka, kingie, tuna and marlin stand-up rod with 15-24kg capabilities? This composite graphite-glass Sealine-X rod from Daiwa could well be the answer.

It's fitted with high quality components, including Aftco butt and tip guides, long wearing Perfection guides, a super-long EVA foregrip, and a solid metal reel seat and butt.

A graphite butt section provides great lifting and hooking power, while the upper section is fibreglass and folds away under pressure, leaving the angler with a shorter length of rod for even greater control and power.

The bindings are black over metallic blue with silver nips — very handsome on a black blank.

 The Daiwa Sealine-X Boat rod are distributed by Brittain Wynyard in Parnell, Auckland.


 Dock Buddy

 The Dock Buddy is a self-tensioning berthing rope that consists of a braided nylon exterior and an internal bungie cord. There is a fastening loop at each end (which can be altered by sliding the plastic collars), and two tubes of soft EVA are also incorporated to provide floatation.

Available in black, blue and blue-white, and in lengths of 4', 5' and 6', the Dock Buddy keeps your berthed boat secure and eliminates loose rope in the water.

 The Dock Buddy is a product of Trader Services Ltd in Westhaven, Auckland.


 Pacific Mariana Dynomite

 This new Pacific lure looks like a winner. The Mariana Dynomite has a long slim head, enabling it to perform in all positions, from the flatline in close to the 'moose' position way out the back. And this also means it should handle most sea conditions — no matter how rough it gets!

The colour scheme looks promising, too. A metallic fleck purple and black-stripe overskirt covers a blue-silver underskirt — and the reflective paua-insert head doesn't hurt the overall effect at all!

The slim profile suits 10/0 hooks, and it's well suited to either 24- or 37-kg tackle.

 Pacific Lures are distributed by Kilwell Sports Ltd in Rotorua.


 Plano Magnum 1444 Tackle Box

 The Plano Magnum 1444 tackle box is for serious anglers. This multi-layer box contains a wide assortment of storage spaces, both fixed and adjustable, and is designed to hold all manner of tackle, from small swivels and hooks to big spools of nylon, reels and knives — and lots of it.

Plano terms the box a 'Tackle System' and in this case appears to be particularly appropriate. The lid opens up to easily access small and medium items of tackle, while the mid-section divides into three layers. One tray is see-through and securely contains even the smallest items with a flush-mount lid, and the bottom is contoured to make item removal easier. This tray serves as a cover for a larger lure storage area.

In the base are two large compartments for holding big items such as trace line, reels or lunch.

 Made in the USA, Plano boxes are strongly made and distributed by RA Conaghans in Auckland and Alexto Sports in Dunedin.


 Pflueger Trion Baitcaster

 A cracking gear ratio of 6.3:1 makes this Pfleuger Trion Baitcaster a lot of fun for those anglers who like to fish light line and lures.

The line capacity of 220 metres of 3-kg nylon is perfect for trout, snapper, trevally and kahawai jigging and spinning, especially as it has thumb bar auto release and on-off flipping switch — great for instant depth adjustment.

Five stainless steel ball bearings and a Uni-Lok instant anti-reverse bearing combine to provide the reel with a smooth performance, while a machined one-piece aluminium frame and anodised aluminium spool give plenty of structural strength.

Other features include a six-pin adjustable centrifugal brake system, a smooth multi-disc, main-gear-applied, star-drag system, and a titanium-coated line guide on the level-wind mechanism.

 The Pfleuger Trion Baitcaster is distributed by Shakespeare K2 Outdoor Products (NZ) Limited in Panmure, Auckland.

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