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It's a great finish to a wonderful day out. Enjoying fresh seafood with friends and family is very special.

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   Poached Scallops    Rated 6 time(s).
December 2009
   This is an easy and quick entree   
   Fomlette (Fish Omlette)   
December 2009
   Quick and easy, healthy meal! - Yum   
   Brittany baked fish   
December 2009
   Wild Pork and Venison Casserole   
December 2009
   Wild Pork and Venison Casserole on Quinoa and Green Beans..   
   Fishy ,egg and macaroni Pie   
December 2009
   A deliscious pie with Snapper, kahawai, hapuka or kingfish!   
   Sugar Cured Tuna loin    Rated 5 time(s).
December 2009
   Trio of N.Z Salmon dishes   
December 2009
   Trio of seared, smoked and tartare N.Z Salmon on apple slaw with sweet chilli beetroot puree, apple puree and walnut praline.   
   Watercress pancakes with salmon   
December 2009
   Smoked Fish Pie and Veges    Rated 9 time(s).
December 2009
   Cajun Scallops.    Rated 6 time(s).
December 2009
   Yummy cajun scallops. Serve with a cucumber salad drizzled with french dressing or on a bed of turmeric rice.   
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