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   Vision 5m Runner   
April 2006
   The "5.5m boat shoot-out" is a review of the 13 boats in this length by the team at Fishing News...   
   Tristram Millennium 691    Rated 24 time(s).
January 2007
   Trailer boat review - Fish City 540 Cuddy   
October 2014
   With branches in Hamilton and Auckland’s North Shore, boat retailer Fish City decided around three years ago to design and have built a range of boats that cater specifically to fisherm...   
   Trailer boat profile 565C   Not yet rated...
September 2014
   Scientists who use themselves as their own guinea pigs are a recurring theme, in real life and in fiction.   
   Surtess 7m    Rated 7 time(s).
August 2009
   Surtees Boats is based in the rural Bay of Plenty near Whakatane...   
   Surtees 8.0 Game Fisher    Rated 10 time(s).
January 2007
   Surtees 730    Rated 11 time(s).
November 2009
   Surtees 6.7m Game Fisher    Rated 11 time(s).
April 2012
   Surtees Boats has been around for about 18 years now – long enough to be considered amongst the senior ranks of aluminium boat builders.   
   Surtees 6.7 Sportfisher    Rated 22 time(s).
January 2007
   Surtees 6.1HT    Rated 13 time(s).
October 2006
   It’s not usual for us to put together two tests from the same manufacturer in a row...   
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