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10kg line-weight, bait runner system set up. If you don't have a bait runner set, then set drag to quite light.

On the end of the line is tied a No5 clip swivel.

1. Make a trace approximately the length of the rod and loop the top so it can be quickly clipped onto the swivel. A no 3/0-5/0 long shank or weighted hook is placed at the bottom of the trace.

2. Slide the trace loop through the eye of a 20cm long fishing needle.

3. Push the needle through the mouth of the pilchard, sardine or anchovies and carry on through the body. Tuck the hook shank to the back of the throat and have the barb sitting nice and snug outside the mouth. Clip loop of the trace into swivel

4. Cast out and let it float down with the current then give another 15-20 meters of line. All so can be used with small ball sinker if there is a current running.

This rig is great for straylinning in the shallows of the harbor. Snapper love them!!


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