Downrigger tips

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Using a downrigger can be very helpful. Here are a few tips.

  1. Never forget to raise the downrigger as you get into shallow water, or you will get hung on the bottom and may tear the outrigger off of your boat.

  2. As you let it down, keep the line on your rod as tight a possible to avoid getting a large 'bow' in your line above the ball. Some fisherman maintain a bow above the ball can cause you to miss the strike. When fishing for big game a bow can provide the opportunity for the fish to swallow the bait and ensure a better hookup rate. A large bow however also has a tendency to pickup a lot of weed and trash.

  3. You should troll more slowly than the normal speed for billfish, kings, and MahiMahi. The faster you go the more shallow the ball will be in the water.

  4. As a general rule, the hotter the water, the deeper you should try the downrigger.

  5. When drifting, a live bait is the best possible lure for a downrigger.

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