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Kiwi fisho's are unquestionably some of the more inventive people on the planet. If there's a better, faster, smarter way of doing it with some string, wire, tape and a few bits from under the house, then it's been done.

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   SoftBait Worm rig    Rated 19 time(s).
March 2008
   A worm hook rig...   
   Bait on soft plastic jig head    Rated 30 time(s).
March 2008
   If SP's aren't working try a mixed combo approach   
   Tackle - storing breakaway sinkers    Rated 104 time(s).
February 2008
   A simple tip for storing breakaway sinkers and saving space in the tackle box   
   Ikky stick DIY    Rated 46 time(s).
January 2008
   Turn an old Phillips screwdriver into an Iki stick....   
   Livebait flasher rigs    Rated 16 time(s).
January 2008
   They get tangled everywhere but here's another idea for storage...   
   Scaling Fish    Rated 56 time(s).
December 2007
   Hadn't thought of this one....   
   Fishing rod holder    Rated 63 time(s).
September 2007
   Another particlar fine use for garden hose...   
   Bait - adding oil works    Rated 144 time(s).
June 2007
   A syringe does the trick...   
   depth marks on braid for trout jigging    Rated 22 time(s).
May 2007
   A great tip on adding depth markers to braided lines for lake fishing.   
   A better Lightboard    Rated 52 time(s).
April 2007
   Tail-light tips   
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