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Rotorua Lakes Update for 18/07/13


The bitter cold that came with the cold front over the past few days did little to bring the fish on even if one could stand being out fishing. Even during the day the wind was bone chilling and the fish uncooperative. With the level of both Lake Rotoiti and Rotorua dropping due to the gates at the start of the Kaituna River being fully open for several days, anglers who did brave the conditions found access to Emery’s Reef, in particular, a lot easier, though loading and unloading boats off most of the ramps around Lake Rotorua was quite a challenge.

Since the gates opening has been reduced significantly, fish have moved closer to the gates structure. There are still quite a few fish spawning at the other end of the pool near where the gates used by canoeists are hanging over the water.

A few fish have been holding out the front of the closed area in front of the Ohau Channel. With the extra water leaving Lake Rotorua a sinking line was required to ensure that the flies being used would stay close to the bottom where the fish were holding and in some cases, spawning.

An article about the study of the effects on the Ohau Channel Wall was published in the Rotorua Review (17/07/13). The article mentions that the effects of the wall on fish populations is mixed, though overall there has not been any effect on trout or smelt populations since it was built. The results of the analysis will be presented to the Fisheries Advisory.

The Dump, Café and Transformer streams all have fish in various numbers off them and while catch rates are higher after dark, some fish have been caught by bugging or boobying during the day. Champagne egg patterns have also caught fish when allowed to drift rather than be retrieved.

Casting a fly rod from the beach at Lake Okataina has been virtually impossible for most at times though those who have used a bubble and fly on a spinning rod have had much better luck. Egg patterns or woolly buggers seem to work well over the weed bed off the shore. A trace around one metre long with a small split shot about 25mm from the fly helps keep the trace from tangling around the main line and allows the fly to sink quicker.

Lake Rotoma continues to produce top quality fish, though it has been a little harder over the past few days with the strong wind. Those who fished when the wind was from the East and at the eastern end of the lake or one of the sheltered bays around the lake did best.

Catch rates on Lake Okareka are down a little on this time last year for shore based anglers, mostly due to the weather conditions that we have at the moment. The stream mouth at Boye’s Beach has fished ok when the win has allowed. Grey ghost, olive woolly bugger and green orbit flies all seem to catch there at the moment.  With the fish being in close to shore, looking for spawning areas, fly fishing and spinning should be successful if fishers of the fly keep their retrieve short, sharp and erratic and spin fishers use seven gram zed spinners or veltics.

Lake Rerewhakaaitu is probably the most consistent of all the lakes at the moment and once the wind turned to the west the catch rate increased significantly at School Arm, Homestead Arm and the DoC Camp on Brett Road. Black hairy dog or woolly bugger seem to more successful when fishing this lake. Casting a floating egg pattern out, that is attached to a one metre trace and a running sinker, from a spinning rod has also been very successful anywhere there is access to the water on this lake.

A recent change to the Children’s Fish-out days now means that booking have to be made for those wanting their children to participate. This very popular event is a great way to introduce children to the joys of fishing as they are guaranteed to have a fish on the line and to be able to take it home with them.

The role of the Rotorua Anglers Club in organising these events cannot be over-stated as the large number of club members involved are all volunteers, volunteers who gladly give up a large chunk their day to allow children to have such a wonderful experience. Eastern Region Fish and Game supply the trout and the venue as well as liaise with the Rotorua Anglers Club to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Booking can be made by phoning 07 357 5501

Report type: Freshwater
Report date: 18 July 13


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