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Rotorua Lakes Update for 12/07/13


A recent trip out Lake Rerewhakaaitu was well worth the effort as there were a few changes to the landscape and plenty of fish. The main change was that the lake level is almost back to a normal level, meaning that access to all of the fishing spots is relatively easy. The beach at the domain entrance to the lake is bigger than it has been for a while and casting over the weed bed and to the outside of the end of the reed bed is a breeze, even for the most novice flingers of the fly.

There seemed to be plenty of chunky rainbows at the right hand end of the beach, though some were a little dark in colour, while others could be seen feeding readily off the surface. The black woolly bugger seems to be the best fly to use in this lake, though a black woolly worm is a close second. Other flies that have caught fish in this lake are the olive woolly bugger and the green orbit, though both of these flies need to be retrieved fairly quickly and erratically to get any response.

The new jetty at the RDC Camp on Brett Road is a major improvement and allows anglers access to the deeper water where quite a few fish seem to be holding at the moment. More than enough fish to tempt anglers are spawning to the right of the DoC Camp on Brett Road as well as fish feeding off the surface so there are plenty of opportunities for anglers on this lake. I presume that there are fish spawning on the reef at Gumboot Point as well, though I haven’t been there.

Lake Okaro was a bit of a disappointment as few fish have been caught from the boat ramp or the stream mouth over the past few days. A decent drop of rain may be all that is needed to bring more fish in again but it is always worthwhile visiting this lake, even if it is just to walk around it on the superb walking track.

Some very good conditioned, large rainbows have been caught trolling, harling and from the shore, from Lake Rotoma. Some areas are closed to shore based fishing and those areas are also closed out to the 200 metre mark but there are plenty of places where fish are moving in close and feeding over the weed beds where anglers can legally get at them.

Downstream of the control gates on the Kaituna River, the fishing continues to be slow. The constant flow through the gates is probably not helping to bring fresh fish in, though there are quite a few in the closed area above the gates.

The predominantly westerly wind over the past week has made fly fishing a challenge at the boat ramp at Kennedys Bay on Lake Rotoehu, but those who have persevered have had success. A change of wind direction and speed should see the water out from the boat ramp clear, so the use of a floating or slow sinking line and a grey ghost or silver dorothy fly should get results.

Spin fishing can also be very successful in this area when using penny spoons, veltics and the green lightning bolt turbo. Just remember, whether using a fly or spinner, to keep your lure in the water as long as you can before pulling it out to cast again as the fish here can be very close to your casting point.

An increasing number of spent fish are starting to turn up in the streams around the region and while it is always great to take a fish or two home with you, these fish are often white fleshed, skinny and quite dark in colour and so are best returned to the water.

Report type: Freshwater
Report date: 11 July 13


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