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The Store report for july 11-16


The Store report
Recent rainfall and run-off always brings a bit of colour and the drop in barometric pressure has stimulated a few fish to move into the rivers.
School Holidays are underway, not that really adds any pressure to the fishery but the fact that the fish are in the rivers and the snow is on the mountain is an awesome start.
Rivers all have had a little bit of colour but it eases very quickly with the lower lake levels, fish have moved in small bursts over the last week the fishing has been a little more consistent and should remain so for a time. Those that have fished pocket water have done well, lovely fish in excellent condition, and that’s good news.
River mouths have had little pressure as those cold nights tend to keep the majority of anglers away but it’s well worth fishing and the colder the better the result often.
Boaties are few and far between. Fish in and around the weed beds for best results and keep an eye on the wind.
Feel free to call for an update anytime.
Cheers Stella and Pete

Report type: Freshwater
Report date: 11 July 13


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