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Epic Winter Fishing


We’re well and truly now in the middle of winter – but what a great time of year to be on the water.   The fishing has been superb over a range of species and theres been plenty of intrepid anglers out amongst the action.  Here’s a bit of a run down of whats been happening east of the Coro.

Aldermans Kingfish


Apart from the odd catch in around the inshore bait schools over the last few weeks the kingfish have been holding deep which is fairly typical of winter, and generally in the 80-100m mark but we’ve ventured as deep as 220m and caught them there too.

By and large the fish have been good solid, fat winter kingfish, plenty in the late teens and early 20’s, with the odd donkey.

Livebaits have been the ticket to consistent results, while the odd fish is succumbing to jig (very rewarding for the angler)  generally the fish have been  very good, fat, conditioned fish skulking deep and suckers for livebaits.  While we release plenty, the odd one we’ve kept for the smoker has had wicked lines of fat running through the fillets – great eating fish!

The Aldie pins have been holding some very nice kingfish with plenty in the 20K’s over the last two weeks.  The fishing can be different to the rest of the year with the fish choosy about when they bite, more often that not lately it has been an afternoon bite, but when they do the fish have been good quality with fish in the 20k bracket most trips. The pins off Red Merc right out to the Hook have been some of the more consistent grounds the last two weeks, with most fish in the mid teens, but often doubles and triples of fish.  Venturing further afield even as deep as 220m in search of puka has often found us being harrased by green and gold barrels – a nice problem to have!

For the last week getting bait has been an easy prospect with bait often very close to shore, and often in the harbours (Whiti and Tairua) and closer reefs.


You don’t need to go far to get a good feed of snapper, theres been plenty of guys getting quality fish from the rocks at Paku, and fishing in close to Tairua beach and last week a lot of the longliners were working 20-30m straight off Pauanui between Slipper and Shoe and reportedly having caught more than they could handle.

Further afield to the very north of the Coromandel Peninsula our landbased guide Owen has been smashing some trophy size snapper from the bricks at Port Jackson, Stony and Port Charles.

Its certainly a great time of year to pull some big boys from the shallow kelp.


The odd nice puka has started to show up over the closer reefs. Watching a longliner pull his gear just off the reef we were fishing where the foul hits the mud confirmed that with a dozen nice puka that we saw – one big 50k model and lost of nice eating pups so they are there its just a matter of fishing the fringes of the deeper reefs and waiting for them to bite.  We find livies the best ticket to get these boys to bite. There still some nice bluenose a bit deeper to0- though not the monsters (to 38kg) we were picking up a few months ago.


While it’s a bit beyond our capabilities, word is there is a good patch of southern bluefin very wide of us, with the commercial boats loading up at present anywhere from the Ohena Knoll down to the trenches wide of White, and already a few intrepid Tauranga boats have been out in search of them, the first one weighed into Tauranga club going 38kg.  Guess with results like that there might be a few other rec boats going wide in search of some more!

So theres plenty out there to excite and motivate.  Time to put on the beanie and thermals and get amongst it!

We’ve got a few available spaces for kingis, snapper and puka in the next few weeks so if you are keen for a blast just go to our booking site

All the best

From the Epic Adventures crew

Report type: Saltwater
Report date: 23 July 13

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