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Wellington Round-up by Pete Lamb

FISHING REPORT 12 DEC 2002 We were finally blessed with some decent weather. The last week of Nov and 1st week of Dec were primo and there were a heap of boats out on the water. Shore fishing has carried on as usual. The weather doesn’t effect surfcasting and rockfishing as much. (unless there is a big swell and opposite blowing wind). For both shore and boat it tends to fish better if the water is clean, especially for particular quality fish - bluecod, tarakihi, kingfish, groper, bluenose, moki. Trevs, bass, snapper don’t appear to be as affected by the dirty water. If the water has been dirty for a while, or if is only dirty on the surface not down deep then the fish will still bite well. Having big tides can make the fishing harder as well - they happen twice a month normal after the full and new moon. Having a moon up in the sky will put the fish off the feed when shorefishing but all it takes is some cloud cover and they will come back on the bite. WEST COAST - OHAU POINT TO KAPITI
There have been some very good catches of hapuku lately. Jim Mikoz caught his limit up to 31.5kg just recently. I presume he was off makara, that’s his local patch. We have had a couple of catches out from boom and makara with puka to15kg. If you steam out from shore in that area the dropoff is quite easy to find it goes from 130 - 150 metres and beyond like a big underground wharf. We always seem to get the puka in about 130mtrs there. If you take some gps coordinates off the bathy chart you can’t go wrong. If you need some help with this come and see me at the shop and I will show you how to do it. Fisherman’s rock has been producing good numbers of puka up to about 20kgs. It is hard to fish when the tides are strong. It’ a good bet the warehou will be there fishing in 50 - 100 mtrs with your baits off the bottom - try and drift up the reef rather than down. Always use breakaway sinkers there and take heaps - it’s a rough bottom. Out wide from Hunters has been producing small puka (so far). I have heard of two good catches out off the 78 mtr rise - one of 24 and 18 puka in a day. The second haul was taken off the longline. The south end of hunter has been producing some big (1 - 3kg) tarakihi I was in 60 mtrs off makara the other day and a guy pulled in a 10 - 15kg puka right next to me. Apart from that it was carpet sharks and red cod. a big launch anchored right in front of me and left 100 mtrs of super braid and a trace on my anchor. Thanks. There have been a few good hauls of tarakihi at the wairaka rise (out from pukerua bay) but no snapper to speak of (yet). We have had some good tarakihi fishing down at the makara fenceline and some good blue odd and trevally in 40 mtrs off ohau/tecam reef.
We had a fish off Boom rock recently with only kahawai and bluecod, I’ve heard of some tarakihi caught at Makara and the odd trev taken at Opau and Te Ikamaru bay. WELLINGTON HARBOUR
Haven’t heard too many reports. Still the odd elephantfish around. Gurnard fishing has been ok around the entrance. Some Kingfish have been spotted by divers at Barretts reef. They would be well worth targeting with livebaits and lures. Perfect timing for snapper in evans bay or Ngaranga.
I hear some good snapper caught last weekend and previous. One at was around 7kg and one at 4kg. I hear Nguranga has been one the of good spots although schoolies have been caught in evans bay, Hallswell, oriental bay to name a few. Miramar has been quite. It must be about time someone caught a 20lber off there. The pillies disappeared from queens wharf a week or so ago. Haven’t heard if it was temporary or permanent. Maybe some kingis or a big school of couta or kahawai scared them off. The gurnard fishing has been showing signs of coming on but has not fired like last year. Some salmon have been caught from the overseas terminal. Simon Alderdice caught a 1kg fish there last Sunday. Kingfish have been seen around the wharves and it is a good time to target them. SOUTH COAST - CAPE TERAWHITI TO CAPE PALLISER
A couple of Fridays ago some customers pulled out of a fishing trip because they thought the weather would be no good. It was blowing 40 knots but the next day was a cracker. Dave, Brian (the owner of ‘Awesome’) and their families went out instead for fun day and caught a 25kg puka and 15 bluenose in three drops at the trench. The next day Dave took a charter out catching more 5 bluenose, some tope sharks, tarakihi, ling and reddies. Reasonable fishing but the inshore was tough. A month ago Terakerie was producing big blue cod and tarakihi but of late it has been tough going. A friend did catch a haul of XOS tarakihi 50 mtrs straight out from the point recently. We had a nice haul of gurnard at Pencarrow on the way home from a tough day. Baring head has been the best blue cod fishing for us lately. I have heard of a few fishos really bulking out on pukas at the trench, especially over the other side. It is a very good time for setting crayfish pots on the local tarakihi reefs. There are heaps of females around.
Spotty sharks galore, a few blue moki around but no one has been ‘bulking out’. We are at the perfect time of the year for moki try these locations with shellfish/crustacean bait - Pencarrow, Fitzroy and Wainui beaches, beaches west of sinclair head especially cable bay, karori stream and windy bay. EAST COAST - WAIRARAPA
No reports
Perfect time to target a landbased kingfish. We have caught a few at Castlepoint (the reef) and Cape Palliser (black rocks) in the past before xmas. Snapper and kingfish theory.
I wouldn't be surprised ifthe wgtn harbour kingfish and snapper come down the east coast rather than the west. The reason this is because there haven’t been many caught on the west but there a good number in the harbour. We have traditionally caught kingis and snapper landbased on the east coast from October onwards. Does anyone else have a theory on this?
Report type: Saltwater
Report date: 16 December 02

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