Southern 570 Cuddy

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While the entrance to the Tauranga Harbour on a windless day was hardly a proving ground for a craft with the rough water pedigree of a Southern boat, there was enough of a lift to put the 570 through its paces. And it was not found wanting.

The hull features a 20-degree deadrise that gives an excellent rough water ride without any tendency to chine-walk at speed. At rest the hull is surprisingly stable given the deep vee. The designer, while offering a fine entry to the hull, takes care of the stability issue with a gull-wing stern.

The Southern manufacturer pays attention to detail, resulting in a nicely presented, well-finished craft. There are no rough edges or exposed ledges. Rear seats double as bins, and there is further dry storage under the seat pedestals.

The battery compartment is enclosed and off the floor, where it will be protected in the unlikely event of a swamping.

From the helm position the all-round visibility is excellent, seated or standing. A canopy was not fitted, although it is an option.

The Southern 570 Cuddy provides another example of a well-sorted-out anchoring system. The anchor well is accessed via a good-sized hatch in the cuddy. Just as importantly, the distance between the hatch and the fairlead is such that working the ground tackle is a simple affair and does not have to be done at arm’s length.

The test boat is a key-start, entry-level package for this model. While underfloor fuel storage is an option, this boat came with tote tanks.

First impressions were that the 90hp Yamaha two-stroke might not offer enough herbs to drive this style of hull, but once on the water, the proof was in the pudding, and the three-cylinder motor was up to the task. Certainly, the Yamaha’s compactness meant it did not take up much space on the beamy transom!

There were no electronics fitted and the boat is towed on a purpose-built, unbraked Southern trailer. The rig weighs in at a little under a tonne, making it suitable for towing by most family vehicles and utilities.


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