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Everyman Boats

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Printed Date: 24 May 2019 at 4:57am

Topic: Everyman Boats
Posted By: worksux
Subject: Everyman Boats
Date Posted: 17 May 2010 at 7:38am

Went to the boat show Saturday with the sole intention of finding a boat that ticks off most of my boxes.  

Came across the Everyman stand and was more than a little impressed with the boats they had on show. The finish looked excellent and they  seemed like a lot of boat for their sizes and the standard features were  something alot of competitors has as an optional extra.
The 635ht got a good write up in the trader boat test.
So if anyone has  got a Everyman boat, whats their thoughts on them.

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Posted By: tennut
Date Posted: 18 May 2010 at 7:23pm
Hi worksux, sorry cant help with any real expertise on these boats, but  would like to back up your opinion of them, I was most impressed with them! I have spoken to two guys who own them, and they raved about them. Good luck if you are looking!

Posted By: tobez
Date Posted: 18 May 2010 at 8:12pm
good boats dave - get one

Posted By: RC1
Date Posted: 18 May 2010 at 9:31pm
I haven't been in one, they do look good, my brother said they go very well, he went for a sea trial with a 150 hpdi Yamaha and was very impressed, and they are well made, he works as salesman at cambridge marine, call him to have a chat about it.

Posted By: Reel Deal
Date Posted: 20 May 2010 at 10:18pm
Will the 635HT it fit in your garage Dave? Keen to hear how a trial goes.

Posted By: Donald Duck
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 6:36am
Buy it Dave. I'll take you out for 187 bar crossing lessons (and we might do a bit of fishing each time) and you'll be Raglan qualified Wink

Posted By: worksux
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 7:22am
You know me Beags, the bar has to be as flat as my first girlfriend  for me to cross it.
Scotty, done the deed and am going for the 6mHT, It won't fit in the garage either but it may if i go from the roller door to a sectional door,  Just...... maybe.

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Posted By: Donald Duck
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 7:47am
Don't worry Dave, we can pick the flat days. Other days we'll take my boat.

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Posted By: Moocha
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 9:00am

Looks like he listened to you mr Beagle
Originally posted by worksux worksux wrote:

Originally posted by Dolly Dolly wrote:

What does Boulder sell?????

Mostly blow up dolls and accessories, also the odd rod and reel

Posted By: Donald Duck
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 9:28am
No doubt, post number 1000 was a classic for Worksux !

Posted By: Tagit
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 9:45am
Be keen to hear how they go in the rough with a 15deg deadrise. Looks like they claim that you don't need a deep V to get good heavy weather performance, and if true they have found one of boatings 'holy grails'. Would be great to line one up against one of the deep V equivalents on a rough day to get a real comparison and find out what their secret is in making a plate alloy hull  that is superior to the rest.

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Posted By: Seadoc
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 7:27pm
LOL Me too Tagit!

Posted By: Nirai
Date Posted: 21 May 2010 at 7:34pm
Buy a Surtess!!!!!

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Posted By: Reel Deal
Date Posted: 23 May 2010 at 7:47pm
Look forward to checking the new rig out.! Knowing you Dave, you will already have plans for modificationsTongue

Posted By: CRAYS
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2010 at 6:58pm
hi dave
I have been on an everyman boat and I can tell you its the most stable boat I have come across

Posted By: CRAYS
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2010 at 7:05pm
The everyman 635 is an extremely versitile boat making it the ideal choice for families, it is roomy enough for a day's fishing with the whole family, and if the weather or sea turns rough it is a safe boat that handles well in adverse conditions. 
 With a teenage family it is nimble enough to have many hours of fun water skiing and biscuiting.
It is a boat that is easily handled into and out of the water by just two people.
I have owned an Everyman 635 boat for the last 18 months now and have already done 130 hours most of these have been at sea on the west coast out of Mokau.
Prior to this boat I have owned two others similar in size and I have been on many different types of boats, whether for fishing or diving.  I took a punt on buying the Everyman 635 boat, not knowing how it would perform due to it being such a new brand of boat on the market, in the short time I have owned this boat it has exceeded my expectations.  I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.
In my conclusion I have been in and around many boats for I have a love for the sea,  The Everyman boat is very well made which handles extremely well no matter what the conditions are.
Enjoy the long weekend

Posted By: Capt Asparagus
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2010 at 7:43pm
Nice post Jane, welcome to the site.

Posted By: worksux
Date Posted: 04 Jun 2010 at 12:47pm
Thanks for that Jane, Like you I have a little nervousness on buying a newish brand but think, hell everyone has to has to start some where. Couple of reasons I have gone with the 6m HT, firstly I have had a fairly good look at the boat over the last couple of boat shows and liked what I saw, secondly, They are localy made so went to the factory and had a yak with the Nigel the guy who is building it, Good fella, ran over all the plans with me and had no worries when i asked if he could leave the HT off untill after a mate of mine  paints the sides. Im in the States at the moment but as soon as I get back I will be down the shop checking its progress. 

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Posted By: CRAYS
Date Posted: 06 Jun 2010 at 9:07am

thanks captain aparagus.

Missed out on going fishing on the west coast friday-saturday. Not very happy.

Weather was good sea was good perfect opurtunity to be out on the water. Never mind work does came first, at present.

Posted By: hikabirdie
Date Posted: 20 Jul 2010 at 7:28am
Just bought an everyman 635HT took out on sunday got 10 crays.  Great start to boat went like a dream have put a 150 four stroke on the back recommend to anyone.  Russell so good to deal with real helpful and obliging. Great boats sold by good people. ShonaTongue

Posted By: tightlines2
Date Posted: 21 Jul 2010 at 10:30am
With Shona and Jane both speaking highly of their new boats perhaps they should be renamed "Everywoman"

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Posted By: tennut
Date Posted: 21 Jul 2010 at 7:42pm
Originally posted by tightlines2 tightlines2 wrote:

With Shona and Jane both speaking highly of their new boats perhaps they should be remaned "Everywoman"
    You dont remane boats, you remane bald lions!!

Posted By: slackline
Date Posted: 21 Jul 2010 at 9:40pm
How about a couple of pic to add to the what's ya rig topic from those with their new Everyman.

Better a Slackline that goes Tight than a Tightline that Goes Snap.

Posted By: hikabirdie
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2010 at 8:27am
Had another great day out on the water in our everyman 635 not many fish but the boat goes so well it didn't matter.  Perfect for divers wide sides great for dropping of so easy to drive and goes like a rocket the 150 four stroke yamaha we got on the back so quiet we sometimes forget it's going when it is in neutral.  This boat gets the thumbs up from me and a triple A!!!!!!! rating recommendTongue

Posted By: Capt Asparagus
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2010 at 9:11am
I agree, I think we need some pics of this boat... on the water and on the trailer please!

Posted By: Reelimin
Date Posted: 03 Sep 2010 at 8:46am
The Everyman Boat I have looked at seems to have a very small vee for a Scott Robson Design??

Posted By: Moki Marko
Date Posted: 04 Sep 2010 at 3:33pm
Don't think the Everyman is a Scott Robson design, is it? 

Posted By: Reelimin
Date Posted: 05 Sep 2010 at 4:26am
If they are not a Scott Robson then they must be by Kevin hall? Kevin is the only other designer that comes close to Scott Robson

Posted By: Moki Marko
Date Posted: 05 Sep 2010 at 5:12pm
Regardless of who designed the Everyman boat (check the tradeaboat site for details) I agree with you reelimin that they have relatively flat bottoms. I think that with a stiff plate hull and a reasonably pointy nose they will be OK in a moderate chop, but, there is no magic formula, a 15 degree deadrise will not make for a softriding hull.

Posted By: Reelimin
Date Posted: 07 Sep 2010 at 4:43am
I have had a look at the tradeaboat articles also the one paper magazine test and none of them mention who the designer is. So I can only presume it is Kevin Hall. He is a wierd ******* to deal with and keeps a low profile behind the scenes. Yes you are correct there seems to be no majic formula for deep vee against stability at rest.

Posted By: Moki Marko
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2010 at 9:12am
Always difficult to get a handle on 'what's a good boat?' As we have seen above, anyone who has just shelled out huge dosh is likely to be biased, the magazine articles are next to useless and are effectively PR releases from the boatmakers, I mean, how often have you read the lines: "it was a beautiful day on the Waitamata with flat seas... etc etc,  whats the point? When i questioned Propeller magazine when they described the Stabi 589 as a 'soft rider' I was told that you can't campare a boat like this with a deep v glass boat!!! well hello, what were they comparing it with? a barn door? In fact i'd bet if you stuck a few rod holders and a motor on a bathtub (and spent enough money on advertising) they'd take it out on a flat day and call it a 'soft riding hull' - and yes, people would buy them and say they are great. It would even win innovation awards at the boatshow "it's great, the bung is on the inside", 

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