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Thanks to DB Export, a number of charter operators, fishing guides and others, we're able to bring you regular updates from many areas around the country. Many of our site visitors post their own reports in our freshwater fishing discussion forum - reports section. Well worth checking out for what's happening right now around the country, and you can post your own reports, pictures and share information with others.

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Latest Reports

Taupo Fishing report for July 29-4


Fishing has been up and down much like the rivers, with the springfed streams having a great deal more pressure that the other catchment fed streams. 

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Taupo fishing report for 20-25 July


The fish that have been caught recently have been in good condition, but it's just that it's been harder than we would expect for this time of the year.

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Taupo fishing report for July 7 to 12


The fishing though over the past few days has been hard, and with the warmer than normal there are a great number of fish that are holding off the mouths waiting to move when the weather changes.

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Taupo fishing report for June 25-30


For those that are able to get out on the water over the weekend, with the rivers clearing and with the extra volume and with the probability that the fish will move, fishing should be great. 

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The Store report for june16-20


The condition of the fish is a bit variable which is to be expected at this time of the year. There certainly are a significant number of fish that are still to run as we are only just getting into the winter season. 

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Taupo region fishing report 090516


Fishing in general has been challenging with few fish in the rivers and not a lot of activity with fish making their way into the tributaries yet. There are certainly the odd fish or two moving but not loads...

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Taupo Fishing Report April 11-17


We are counting down to winter as daylight saving has ended. Rivers and lake are still low and the fishing has been a little challenging to say the least...

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Taupo fishing report March 29-April 5


Rivers are in good condition, still not a lot of water and fish are holding off the mouths as they do at this time of the year and coming inside of the mouths actively feeding. Drop offs are too giving us some excellent sport

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The Store report Dec


Well summer is officially upon us and the rain is falling ad the sun has disappeared for a moment.

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Taupo Fishing Report 9 November


Some of the cooler frosty mornings having triggered a run of good numbers of fish into the rivers and there's been good fishing for those that have been on the water. Rivers are a tad lower and very much clearer but fishing to conditions is all that's needed. All rivers are still in fantastic condiiton.

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