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Thanks to a number of charter operators, Fishing Guides and others, we're able to bring you regular updates from many areas around the country. Many of our site visitors post their own reports in our freshwater fishing discussion forum - reports section. Well worth checking out for what's happening right now around the country, and you can post your own reports, pictures and share information with others.

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Latest Reports

Taupo Fishing report for 23-27 April 2015


This is such a lovely time of the year for those that can take off time and enjoy the warmer than normal daytime temperatures and the fantastic part of the world we live in. We have had a a little rainfall over the past couple of days...

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The Store report for 18 April - 24 April


Good morning, lovely morning to wake up to today with the rain falling on the roof! What an amazing week with a real assortment of weather, snow, hail, wind and sunshine all bound into one package. A real cool bite for the earlier part of the week and settling towards the end of the week, with tempe

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Taupo fishing report - March 27 - Apr 3 2015


Fabulous fish are being caught at present...

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Taupo fishing report 18 March 2015


We have been lucky with the weather over the last few days with the cyclone passing well out to sea. We didn't even get so much as a gust of wind. The cyclone did however affect the east coast, (read more)

Taupo fishing report 03/15


The last few days have generally been very settled apart from the odd shower here and there. The lack of wind has been great for boaties, who have been getting out a bit. This settled period ( (read more)

Taupo fishing report - 03/15


The weather is still fantastic with no rain in sight, lots of sunshine and little wind. The dry weather is really beginning to have an effect on the rivers; the levels dropping rapidly. T (read more)

Taupo fishing report - 02/15


After enjoying a fantastic summer period, most of you will be back at work. This Summer has been one of the nicest for a number of years; long settled periods, a drop of rain to dampen the gro (read more)

The Store Report for Frid, sat and sunday 21-24 April


Good morning well its a freezing cold morning, with a very heavy frost on the ground and it feels like the real winter weather is on its way. We have enjoyed as you proberly know a week that has had

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The Store report for Oct 17-22


At last there is some rain forecasted for the next few days. Lets hope that we get some at night so we can still  do what we enjoy during the day! We have had a great week of calm, sunny w (read more)

The Reel Oil - regional fishing reports from


Looks like some settled weather heading our way! Tuesday and Wednesday next week might be good timing for a day off with some hot bite times! The Reel Oil will point you in the direction of the hot

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