Chill to the Bone backpack

After seeing the Chill to the Bone test-pack arrive for me to try, I thought, “Yes! Finally a manufacturer with fishermen and women in mind.”


The pack is of medium size but filled with clever and practical concepts for the fisho. Let’s start with the myriad of pockets in the front - all sizes that will fit gear from sunglasses to cameras, etc. The pack is basically split into two sealed sections.


The top can carry your reels, tackle boxes and the bits and pieces that are so essential to a great day's fishing. The bottom half is the bait box with a very clever removable thick plastic liner that keeps the dreaded old-bait smell from engraining itself into your bag; you simply unzip this liner and give it a wash out ready for next time.




Strong metal clips of a clever design are on the outside four corners of the pack for the fish bag, which can either be clipped on stuffed inside the pack if not needed. I used this to carry the bait in. Either side of the pack sees two deep pockets for rope, a towel, drink bottle — or as an excellent place for the rod holders to go.


Not many faults so far, but here are the niggles. I’m a big guy and I found the shoulder straps just a little too narrow for me. And the pack clips on the outside of the pack could be a little more robust as I kept popping them open when I tightened the pack up.


The rigours of fishing being what they are, I’d like to see this pack in a larger version. With most of us fishos not being the tidiest in the world, this pack needs to be packed neatly at the end of a days fishing, whereas most fishos tend to stuff and shove rather than spend five minutes at the end of fishing packing everything neatly into its place.


All in all though, it’s a well thought-out product that I’m happy to give a stamp of approval. - Gregg Smeal

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