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Thanks to a number of publications and individuals, we are able to bring you articles in this section that are of a general fishing nature.

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Thanks to a number of publications and individuals, we are able to bring you these articles.

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Holden Colorado Z71 review
October 2017

Holden did something rash earlier in the year, asking keen surfcaster Bruce Bash... Read More >

Steve Reed
September 2017

Wellington contributor Jim O’Brien has known Steve Reed for a very long ti... Read More >

Seabird Safety
August 2017

Dave Turner from Director Fisheries Management explains how we can minimze the a... Read More >

Bonze fleet lure marker
August 2017

Editor Grant Dixon interviews Kiwi skipper and lure maker Bonze Fleet, who has h... Read More >

Netting flounder - Piako Pete

Peter Thorburn is an old-school commercial fisherman. Grant Dixon interviews a s... Read More >

Kayak Fishing

When it comes to kayak fishing, Stephen Tapp generally has a pretty good idea of... Read More >

Fish Handling Techniques

The sustainability of fish stocks is important for all New Zealanders. Consequen... Read More >

Making your fishing dollars go further
July 2017

After fifty-five years of fishing, Sam Mossman has settled into an approach that... Read More >

Land-based Gamefishing
July 2017

There are few keener land-based anglers than writer Andy Macleod, but even he th... Read More >

Andy Tannock - Hunting and Fishing
June 2017

This year the Hunting & Fishing retail group celebrated its 30th anniversary... Read More >

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