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Kiwi fisho's are unquestionably some of the more inventive people on the planet. If there's a better, faster, smarter way of doing it with some string, wire, tape and a few bits from under the house, then it's been done.

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Surfcasting - terminal tackle rigs

How to bling up your terminal tackle rigs for Surfcasting... Read More >

Bait - Long life pillies for camping trips
May 2013

When hours away from civilisation and electricity keeping bait from rotting ... Read More >

Better catch rates at the right times
October 2012

Keep in contact with dairy farmers around the area you plan to fish. Keep an... Read More >

Extra secure knots
April 2011

There has been some debate about this in various internet forums, but I have dec... Read More >

Tackle care - preventing rust
February 2011

This may have been discussed before, but it still surprises me that most people ... Read More >

Save your trailer light plug and cable
June 2010

After parking the trailer outside in our car park area and having people run ove... Read More >

Winch handle repair using shrinkwrap
February 2010

If your winch handles are getting a bit scruffy and perished here is an easy way... Read More >

Fishing rod eyes with ceramic inserts
February 2011

There is nothing more annoying than when you find your rod has suffered a bit of a knock which has caused the ceramic insert to dislodge from a rod ey... Read More >

Bait - mussels for sufcasting
December 2009

When using mussels for bait shuck them at home and tie them up with cotton into little mini sausages. Put them in a ice cream container with slabs of ... Read More >

Knots - double clinch knot for braid
October 2009

When using light braid 4-8kg, I have found that using the clinch knot especially to a swivel is good but have had it break when handling a large fish.... Read More >


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